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Exclusive: Chris Rene Interview: ‘X Factor has literally changed my life!’
6 juillet 2012 Par fabienfurst

Check out my exclusive interview with Chris Rene from The X Factor USA ! We talk about his new single ‘Trouble‘, his debut album and his relationships with LA Reid & Simon Cowell !

Hi Chris! It’s an honour to interview you for the first time in France ! First question, your new single, Trouble, is out now! How do you feel?
“1st off. ..ThanX for the Interview.
Yes my new single Trouble is out now on iTunes. It’s a summer time pop song that’s a little different from my style, but it’s right. I had a lot of fun with this one.”

You performed your debut single,Young Homie, on the Ellen Degeneres Show, the music video reaches over 4 millions views on Youtube and the song peaked #26 on the Billboard US Pop Songs ! Did you believe in this incredible success the first time you performed the song on The X Factor?
“I had a feeling inside myself that something special was in store for me. I feel like this is my destiny. X Factor has literally changed my life and allowed me to bring my music to the world and I’m blessed.”

Tell me about your debut album! I can’t wait to buy it! When can we hear it?
“The album is a collaboration of songs that allowed me to work with different writers and it’s turned out pretty dope. We are still sorting out the final tracks and choosing the songs I want to put on the album. One thing I know is that it’s a learning process and the album will be saucy. I only want to put out the best for my fans.”

You are working with LA Reid and Simon Cowell. What are your relationships with them? Did they advise you for the recording of your album and the launch of your career?
“Well I hear that LA and Simon approve all my songs after I record them. The special thing is that they let me be creative in the studio and let me do my thing. We’ve all been busy working on this project for many months.”

Astro, Marcus and Melanie also signed with LA Reid on Epic Records! Did you keep in touch with them? Would you like to work with them in the future?
“We haven’t seen each other since the show as we’ve all been working on our own projects since it wrapped, but we keep up on Twitter. I’m looking forward to hearing their records though.”

I think you know Cher Lloyd from The X Factor UK , she signed with La Reid too in the US ! What do you think about her music? Would you like to get an international career like her or Leona Lewis and One Direction?
“I think she’s dope, as well as the other cats u mentioned. I think it would be very splendid if I had an international career for sure and that’s the plan!”

You are the grandson of Leon Rene, who is famous for writing a song for Michael Jackson! Would you like to write for others artists?
“Yes I’m always thinking about and writing new songs for myself and others. I write on the plane, in between shows, wherever I can. I’d be honored to collaborate with artists from Akon to Rihanna and everyone in between!”

This year, there is two new judges in The X Factor, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato! With which one would you like to work if you were a contestant this year?
“Hmmmmmm I don’t know. I can’t wait to watch the new season though!”

My American Reporter, Della Turle, and I, are very proud of you, because you are sober since 14 months now! Would you like to create a foundation to help the people who are in trouble with drug sor alcohol, and to be an example for the young kids?
“I hope to make enough $ to create a place for those suffering from Addictions to learn how to heal. One day … God willing.”

Last question, French people watch The X Factor on internet! Do you have a message for your French fans?
“My message for my French Homiez is Follow me & my journey On Twitter @MrChrisRene and I will hopefully get to France very soon to meet all of you and hang ooout!!”