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Chris Rene Rockin’ At The Roxy

October 29, 2012 by creativesoulentertainmentmedia

As Chris enters the stage at the trendy Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, the crowd immediately goes wild as he dives into the lead track off of his new album entitled “I’m Right Here.” In a previous interview, Chris explained to us that since he is a new artist and is releasing his first album, the title has a dual meaning. He is not only implying that wherever he goes ‘he is right there,’ but is additionally addressing a new audience to the fact that his album is in stores now. The next jam he performed was the inspirational yet pop/rock track ‘Chains.’ Lyrically, this song expresses that we all could be happy people if we stopped feeding our ego, and focused instead on enjoying the gift that is the present. Chris embodies the age old wisdom of living “in the now”, and encourages people to break away from their own “chains,” to become free along with him. He continues to inspire people through his lyrics and message to love life, as he genuinely displays through his continued sobriety. Chris is wearing stylish black shades, top hat and black leather jacket, which displays a trendy, yet urban clean cut feel. While performing, Chris’s vocals surpassed any and all expectations and sounded amazingly polished,which was also on par with his movements. Chris appeared to feel each song deeply, presumably due to the highly personal content and contrast of where he has been, in comparison to who he is today. When singing, he is exquisitely relatable because anyone who has ever gone through hardships knows that what he is singing is honest and true to his own battles in life. They are an expression of how he gained the strength to overcome them and gives hope that you can too. As he finished up Chains and dove into another new track from his album ‘Gonna Be Ok’ the audience knew every word and were singing right along with him. He continued to groove and shake hands with as many fans as he could while performing.

The show took a amazing twist when it came time for an intimate setting with an acoustic rendition of ‘Where Do We Go from Here.’ Chris’s eyes twinkled, as honesty exuded boundlessly while singing, which conveyed a pureness and an authenticity that is palpable and not often seen. Throughout the song he displayed his multifaceted abilities, from singing and writing his own songs, to rapping and playing the guitar, all of which he excels at. CreativeSoul had asked Chris in a recent interview how much creative control he had on this album and he mentioned that fortunately he was blessed with a chance to really give his own input for his debut album, which one does not see a lot in the industry nowadays. Chris stated, “The show [X-Factor] allowed me to demonstrate my songwriting abilities and the industry took notice. They really understood who I was and where I was coming from.” He then flowed into the next track acoustically which was ‘Sexual Healing’ a Marvin Gaye throwback that he sang melodically and expressed every ounce of the meaning of the song vocally. This resulted in the majority of the female fans screaming and then well, screaming some more. ‘Same Blood’ was the next selection to be played which is a track from a previous independent EP Release. He went on to explain to CreativeSoul that at the end of the day the message he would like to convey to humanity through music is that “ we are all the same blood, we are all human and I pray every day for people’s pain to go away, I want to give a message of hope, inspiration and to Love Life.” This concept was rocked out on stage with a show stopping performance of this very message. Everyone was bouncing and dancing to the beat while Chris flew between each side of the stage; hitting the beat hard with his rap verses, and singing through the hooks. The energy of being in the moment shone through him to the extent which you could feel each of the lyrics as if he were singing each song for the first time.

From there, he sang his first single titled “Trouble,” in which he grabbed the hand of an audience member. Humorously, five to ten other girls held on to him as well for dear life, and in an attempt to sing to the one, he started singing to them all. He finished up the set by singing his latest single “Rockin’ with You,’ an infectious track that has mass radio appeal. He ended the evening with the hit from Xfactor that took him straight to stardom, which he wrote himself entitled ‘Young Homie.’ The audience sang along with him as he commented, “This is the best high that I have ever experienced, the love and support from the fans,” and he continued to thank everyone for coming out, as the show came to a close.

Chris’s whole album is able to brilliantly mix different genres such as reggae, pop, rock and hip hop to create an infused sound that is all uniquely Chris Rene. His lyrics have meaning, his songs are timeless and the rhythms have an enormous allure, with hit after hit potential. Each track he performed off the album stands alone as a unique work of art. Every song has a different story, meaning, and mood. Chris Rene is not just a great story; Chris Rene is a great artist that has the potential for lasting longevity in the industry. CreativeSoul is interested in seeing his continued evolution as well as his continued success both personally and artistically.

By:Valerie Marsh