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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Rene Talks About His New Single 'Young Homie' (VIDEO)


Mar 16th 2012 8:26PM

We caught up with former The X Factor contestant, Chris Rene to talk about his new single, 'Young Homie' and his upcoming album.

"It's about me and my life, it's the older me talking to the younger me and basically saying, life's too short," he said about the song.

We also wanted to know how his life has changed since coming in third in the competition.

"People know my story know because of a reality show, and it's incredible, but it's not fake," he said. "I'm just a regular person from a small town, who has his issues."

One of our favorite parts of the interview was Chris talking about how many fans have either tattooed or drawn his infamous 'Love Life' knuckles tattoo on their own knuckles. He even met a fan who had gotten a tattoo of him.

'Young Homie' is available on iTunes now.