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Midnight Red Taking Over the Music Scene "One Club At a Time"

Published on Wednesday, August 22 2012 Written by RJ Williams

Boy bands are hotter than ever these days, you can’t deny. Not only are groups like One Direction and The Wanted taking over the airwaves, but old schoolers like Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and New Kids On The Block are all getting back together for reunion tours and performances, proving that while one cute young guy who can sing and dance well is great, 4 or 5 of them all at once is way better!

Enter Midnight Red, another boy band sensation set to take over. They already have a pretty good headstart, performing as the opening act for the NKOTBSB tour and giving that already-established fanbase another five talented fellows to get excited about! Ranging in ages from 20 to 23, and hailing from all over the country, Joey Diggs, Thomas Augusto, Anthony Ladao, Colton Rudolf, and Eric Secharia were first brought to Interscope Records thanks to none other than super-producer RedOne (and, as the producer told us himself, he doesn’t waste his time on acts that he doesn’t see something special in!).

As for their sound, it’s dance-pop at its catchy best, with uplifting club beats and fist-pumping lyrics that make you want to get up and move! If you’re feeling gloomy, crank up some Midnight Red to let all your worries drown away. Think *NSYNC meets Taio Cruz meets David Guetta… Take a listen to their track “One Club At a Time”, off their EP of the same name, to hear for yourself.

Their newest single, “Hell Yeah”, contains that same infectious charm and will no doubt have you guys on your feet. Check out their video below, and stay tuned for their forthcoming debut full-length album!