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MAJOR Exclusive: Midnight Red Talk Debut Single “Hell Yeah,” Life As A Boy Band & More…
Jun 18, 2012 by Vanessa Gyan

Boy bands are quickly making their way back onto the music scene.

Formed back in 2009 through the efforts of veteran A&R executive and Kings of LA label founder, Pete Farmer and super producer RedOne, Joey Diggs Jr., 22, Thomas Augusto, 21, Eric Secharia, 20, Colton Rudloff, 23, and Anthony Ladao, 20 make up one of the hottest boy bands at the moment Midnight Red.

Last year, the group had the opportunity of opening for New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys during a summer tour, which instantly catapulted their fame and had many tongues wagging at the immense talent that each of the guys had.

We recently caught up with Joey and Anthony of Midnight red, as the group gears up for the release of their debut single “Hell Yeah,” dropping tomorrow off of their forthcoming full-length album.

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Vanessa: How easy was it for all five guys to mesh together coming from different parts of the United States?

Joey: “I would say it was fairly easy because we didn’t have to think about it. We might come from different parts of the country, different backgrounds and different upbringings but when it came to doing this music thing, we really just handled our business and we really got a long really and got together to create something that people can enjoy.”

Vanessa: Last year, you guys opened up for two legendary boy bands, Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block, how surreal was that moment?

Anthony: ”You said it perfectly. It was surreal. We are a boy band and that fact that we opened up for two of the biggest boy bands that have ever been was pretty awesome. We got to meet them, hang out with them and they gave us some awesome advice. It was truly an awesome experience.”

Vanessa: Red One produced your debut single “Hell Yeah.” How was the experience working with the man who wrote Lady Gaga’s hits Just Dance and Poker Face?

Joey: ”Red One and his team are very humble and down to earth people. They really embraced working with us because we were like a deer in the headlights. We didn’t know what to expect. They made our experience very smooth and very easy and we created some really, really good music.”

Vanessa: What makes you different from other boy bands that are currently out such as The Wanted and New Direction?

Anthony: “Each and every one of us [Midnight Red] is so different in every way. We come from different backgrounds. We have different strengths and weaknesses but that’s what makes us special. That’s what makes us Midnight Red. What sets us a part from the boy bands that are out right now is that when we’re on stage we’re not just standing there signing a song. We’re actually having a good time while dancing and putting our sweat, blood and tears into what we’re doing on that stage and we try to convey that to the audience.”

Vanessa: What can our readers and your fans expect from your debut album:

Joey: “Expect feel good music. What we really want to embrace and give back to the world is feel good music. A lot of the music out today fast driven. We want to bring back that music that will have you dance, move, smile and that people can genuinely enjoy.”

Vanessa: Anthony, how does it feel to be the youngest out of the group?

Anthony: ”It has it perks and it has it’s cons as well. People are like “aww, the cute little baby of the group” but sometimes I feel like the oldest in the group. I’m the oldest in my family. I have younger siblings so it’s cool to reverse the rolls and be the one that has to take advice from everyone else.”

Vanessa: What makes Midnight Red major?

Joey: ”The fact that we really enjoy this and we’re up there [on stage] having fun and trying to create the best environment for our fans. We want people to leave our shows thinking they left the craziest party in the world and they can’t wait to go back. We don’t want people to come see us and they’re like “yeah I saw them and I don’t have to see them again.” We want people to return to our shows over and over because we made them feel so good.”

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