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Tell us about your first concert experience:
THOMAS: It was a dream come true, my jaw must have been mopping the floor! I feel like there were so many years of work leading up to that moment, and it was the biggest thrill of my life to date. Definitely brought us even closer as a group.
ANTHONY: To me it was a very surreal moment. For being a brand new act I did not expect the amazing energy we got from Vegas that night! After that first show I wanted more, being on that stage doing what I love in front of thousands of people and feeding of their energy, it was unreal!
COLTON: Our debut show in Vegas couldn't have been a better start. I was full of excited nerves all day and to my surprise felt right at home when the lights hit.
ERIC:My 1st concert was amazing its actualy the only concert i've been to in my life and i was almost 19 years old!! Maroon 5 was headlining while Bruno Mars and OneRepublic opened for them. It was such an amazing experience just to watch these people do what they love to do and people go crazy for them. Also the 3 acts are in my top 5 favorite Artists/Bands. it was was just surreal to think that one day ill be doing the same..
JOEY: First concert experience was pretty amazing; we are talking about New Kids on the Block & Backstreet boys here, thats huge! I never thought I'd ever be a part of something so massive, yet was excited to know I had a chance to prove myself.

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would you be doing instead?
THOMAS: I love working with people, and political science has always struck me as interesting, so I'd probably be a political activist of some sort. Or work at the zoo!
ANTHONY: I feel I would either be a producer or professional dancer. Those both kind of fall under the musician/artist category but growing up I always wanted to be a basketball player!
COLTON: I would be interested in learning about physical fitness and personal health.
ERIC:I truly can't see myself not being one, but if I would have to say.. I would probably say shark tamer haha just kidding, but i would seriously look into becoming a baker!
JOEY: I would probably still remain a student/athlete in college. (Football, Basketball, and Track & Field)

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?
THOMAS: I would love to swap ideas with Freddie Mercury, he was just the epitome of a rockstar, and a brilliant creative mind. Or Beyonce, just to witness her talent first hand.
ANTHONY: I would love to collaborate with Pharrell Williams, he’s a musical genius and I look up to him in so many different ways.
COLTON:I think Jason Mraz would be the kind of vocalist that would be fun to sing with and would help me step up my own game,
ERIC: Thats a hard question just to pick ONE artist out of the many amazing ones out there or have been... I would have to say the late Michael Jackson. The message he sent through his songs were amazing, he tried changing the world through his music and the impact of his lyrics. Solely because of that and because of the conviction he gives when performing, to be on a song with him it would be humbling to say the least.
JOEY: It would have to be Michael Jackson for the obvious reasons-- Musical Genius!

If you became President, what is the first action you would take?
THOMAS: Marriage equality would be the quickest easiest thing, but I'd also focus on investing in developing clean, cheap, and renewable energy. I wouldn't want to be around the day oil runs out and we have no alternatives.
ANTHONY: Lowering those dang GAS PRICES! Haha, no but I would probably
COLTON: Help push our educational system into the 21st century.
ERIC: I would pass an equality act giving everyone the right to marry whoever they chose to. I believe in equality for all! Who are we to say that some people can't have the same bond as your parents do. Why stop two normal people just like ourselves from getting married? Just because other people perceive it as "wrong" doesn't mean that those people have the right to stop others from having the same rights as everyone else.
JOEY: Paying/giving more credit to our teachers; they are the ones who influence and guide the youth, the future. Their role in society is very important to the success of our future.

What social cause is closest to your heart?
THOMAS: Environmental issues for sure. I believe the damage we do to our planet is insane! Without a planet with viable resources just to live, all other social issues become less important because we wouldn't even make it past the 1st level of Maslow's Hierarchy in a environment that can't even sustain basic human needs.
ANTHONY: To me education reform is what I care about most. I know that aside from my parents growing up my teachers had a lot to do with molding me into the person that I am to this day. Children are the future of our country and having the best education possible while rewarding the teachers who do this at thankful and generous rate is so important!
COLTON: Animal rights is a cause I look forward to becoming a part of.
ERIC: The Music and Arts cause. I think funds should be put back into the arts, because without it kids have no escape for their creativity. Some schools have it in either High school or just in Elementary when I believe they need it in both for a smooth transition. I know if i didn't have music class in 6th-8th grade i wouldn't of met people with the same passion that i had about music.
JOEY: The high number of teachers that have been fired in the last couple of years.

What does the right to vote mean to you?
THOMAS: The right to vote represent what our country is all about. To me, each vote is like a building block that helps shape the country we live in.
ANTHONY: For me I just turned 18 so I feel more important and I feel like that one vote that I put in can make change. I feel like I’m being heard with the right to vote.
COLTON: We are allowed to have our voices heard and able to choose the people who will represent our wants and needs.
ERIC: It means that even though I have a small voice, I still have one to be heard and all these little voices come together and make one huge voice. So every vote does count!
JOEY: The right to vote, in my opinion, means that and individual is allowed to voice their opinion freely and allows one to feel a sense of contribution to a certain cause.

What bands or artists did you listen to when you were in high school? And which bands or artists influenced your style the most?
THOMAS: I listened to a lot of stuff in high school. Panic at the disco, Mike Jones, Timbaland, and No Doubt were the jam. Stylistically I was influenced by David Bowie, Brandon Flowers, and just people who thought outside of the box.
ANTHONY: Growing up there was a lot of hip hop and pop music influence in my life. From the backstreet boys to 2pac, not in the same realm of music what so ever but I was just a huge fan of music in general. As far as style goes Pharrell Williams influenced me the most he always was innovating and knew what was going to be hot next.
COLTON: I listened to a lot of Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, One Republic, Adele, and Jason Mraz. Artists that influenced me are first and foremost vocalists that treat the celebrity aspect as less important than the craft of singing.
ERIC:I listened to a lot of Usher, Michael, Justin Timberlake, whatever was popular circa 2007 :)
JOEY: In high school I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown & Panic at the Disco. Michael Jackson has influenced me in ways that push me to think outside the box when it comes to music and performance.

What activity or group were you involved with in high school that might surprise people today?
THOMAS: I was in debate and did tournaments, the whole bit. I also was on the swim team.
ANTHONY: I actually didn’t experience being in a real high school setting due to focusing on my music career.
COLTON: I spent much of my time training as a level 10 gymnast.
ERIC:I actually didn't go to regular high school. I've been home schooled since 8th grade, so I never had a chance to join school groups
JOEY: I went to a Humanities Magnet school (higher learning) and studied everything from sociology to philosophy, still managing to get good grades to play on the athletic teams.

What's the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in high school? (could be personal or academic)
THOMAS: Not being "cool" cause I wasn't a football player or a jock, I went to school in Texas where those things are really important.
ANTHONY: Probably the biggest obstacle for me was balancing staying on top of my school work and working hard towards my career in music. I wanted to succeed in both so managing both was a challenge.
COLTON: Learning to do activities and be myself despite what my peers would think was a learning experience that took all four years to accomplish.
ERIC: Because I was home schooled I had to push myself mentally to get my work done and finish on time. I'm my own teacher so its a little difficult being a teenager in the past couple years with all the distractions of technology and friends.
JOEY: Biggest obstacle would have to be managing my school work with my intense athletic schedules. Both called for intense dedication and commitment, thus making it hard for me to succeed in both. However, I got through and had a good time at the same time.

Do you do any volunteer or community work when you're not on tour?
We are all supporters of an organization called A Place Called Home that gives kids an after school hang out to keep them out of trouble. APCH offers kids a way to express through music, dancing, and the arts!
JOEY: I use to work for LAUSD's LA's Best program (afterschool enrichment program for elementary kids) so I go back & visit whenever I have time to help the kids with homework and other school activities.

What change would you like to see in our society in the next year?
THOMAS: Love! More love! People get so wrapped up in each others differences. A more peaceful attitude would do wonders!
ANTHONY: I would love to see a more fit and healthy America, I think what Michelle Obama is doing with the Let’s Move campaign is amazing!
COLTON: I'd like to see more common courtesy, patience, and politeness. A please and thank you never hurt anyone.
ERIC: That the world will open up to more change for the better and not just what other people perceive is right and what they're comfortable with. oh and flying cars!!!!
JOEY: In the next year I would like to see more involvement in giving our children the best possible education possible. The future is in their hands so we must work together to make sure they are well taken care of and well equipped. KIDS ARE THE FUTURE!