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Midnight Red Release Debut Single "Hell Yeah" Along With Music Video! Exclusive Interview Below!

Midnight Red is a new group of 5 exciting performers from around the world and the latest contributor to the return of boy bands. After the success of their digital EP, One Club At a Time, the group was invited on tour with New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys and wowed audiences across the country with their irresistible dance tracks.

Now, Midnight Red is thrilled to release their debut single “Hell Yeah,” TODAY! The track will appear on their upcoming full-length album, coming soon. The track, produced by acclaimed hit maker RedOne (Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj), is available on iTunes and all other digital outlets now.

Stream “Hell Yeah” in full now on SoundCloud and be sure to check out footage of the group performing live at Universal City Walk. For more on Midnight Red, visit the group’s official site at midnightred.com.

The incredible video for “Hell Yeah” has also premiered today! Watch below:

Thomas Augusto of Midnight Red took a few minutes to answer some questions for PCM’s Kristyn Clarke, check out the interview below:

Q: Can you share with our site audience a little bit of information about how Midnight Red came together? Is there a story behind the group name?

Thomas Augusto: Eric [Secharia] and I met 5 years ago doing a show together, and we remained friends after the show was over. Eric went back to California and I went back home to Texas. While in California Eric met Anthony [Ladao] and they began forming a group and called me up to join. Colton we found on YouTube, and Joey we met through a producer. Joey [Diggs Jr.] had dreamt of using the word “Midnight” and the next day we combined it with red. We liked “red” because it is such a dominant color that we felt added pow to our punch. Also, a bit of a homage to our mentor and executive producer RedOne.

Q: Your debut single “Hell Yeah” is set to drop on 6/19, how excited are you for the release? Was it hard to narrow down which song to release as the first single?

Thomas Augusto: It’s safe to say we are all ecstatic, it’s incredibly surreal for us! It was a bit of a challenge to narrow it down because we recorded some massive stuff with RedOne and Dallas Austin, but ultimately “Hell Yeah” is the perfect introductory single for us to let the world know we’re here and ready to make some noise!

Q: “Hell Yeah” was produced by RedOne, how did you enjoy working with him and his team?

Thomas Augusto: Working with Red and his team is always a pleasure. RedOne is one of the most kind and humble people I’ve ever met in the industry, not to mention incredibly talented. The work environment is always effortless and flows so well with them that we forget it’s work and just have fun making tunes.

Q: Are there any details you can share with us about your upcoming full-length album? What should we be expecting? Is there a target release date?

Thomas Augusto: The album will definitely be out later this year, and you can expect to dance quite a bit:) this album is definitely all about ‘feel good’ music.

Q: How would you best describe your music to a first time listener?

Thomas Augusto: If N’Sync and LMFAO had a mischievous baby. Well, 5 babies I guess?

Q: How much were you into the boy band scene, especially the artists of the mid to late nineties such as Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, N’SYNC…etc, prior to joining Midnight Red?

Thomas Augusto: I think that entire genre of Pop music from that era is responsible for the paths of all 5 members in the group leading to Midnight Red. We all grew up looking up to N’Sync and Backstreet!

Q: Any upcoming touring plans on the horizon?

Thomas Augusto: Yes, we plan to hit as many cities, towns and places that will have us. We are all about performing live and bringing our energy to the people.

Q: I’m sure each one of you has varying influences. Who are some of your top influences as a group? Who brings what to the table musically?

Thomas Augusto: We all 5 have very different taste and influences that coexist in Midnight Red that sort of join together to make a this really cool and unique vibe. Think Captain Planet or Voltron! collectively we are very inspired by Michael Jackson, N’Sync, Backstreet, and Black Eyed Peas.

Q: How involved were you with the writing process for the debut album?

Thomas Augusto: We are incredibly fortunate enough to have RedOne and his team write and produce for our album, and we collaborate with ideas and discuss which songs we love and characterize the feel of Midnight Red.

Q: What is the best way to keep up to date with you? How active are you with social media?

Thomas Augusto: We are very active on social media! I always like to joke we’re “textually active”. Between the 5 of us we tweet, Facebook, Instagram, socialcam, ect. Quite a bit! twitter: @itsmidnightred Facebook.com/itsmidnightred midnightred.com

Q: Being that we are pop culture based web site, is there a particular area of pop culture that you find fascinating?

Thomas Augusto: A lot of singing competition shows. The whole concept that the people will champion their idol is always interesting to me. Susan Boyle is my favorite or “Loyal to Boyle” as I like to say.

Get To Know Thomas of Midnight Red:

Thomas Augusto, 21, from Arlington, TX, was called the “little entertainer” because “my parents could never shut me up,” he says. A fan of Beyonce, Radiohead, and No Doubt, Thomas has spent years dreaming about being on a huge stage doing what he loves to do. “There were always pyrotechnics in my daydreams, so I know I am on the right track!” he says.