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US Boyband MIDNIGHT RED chat to markmeets about Their new Single, their Idols and Dancing!

Published by Site Editor for June 29th 2012

How do you describe your music to people?
(They joke that their music is like a cross between heavy metal and folk with a bit of classical...just because they enjoy the look on people's faces!!) LOL
To answer the question for real, our music is like the offspring of N'Sync and LMFAO. It's very 'feel good' dance music that captures the character of how individual the 5 of us are. Having 5 vocalista that harmonise, but draw from different influences is a unique trait Midnight Red's music possess.

You've been together now since 2009, did you think 3 years later you would be where you are now?
I could have never predicted we would be exactly where we are today, but I definitely always had faith in the group that we would really go somewhere.

Your new single 'Hell yeah', is mega catchy, how have fans racted to it?
We've gotten an excellent reaction! Seems to be one of those tunes people like putting on repeat:)

Who are your idols and why?
For me (Thomas) I have quite a few. Musically I love Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, N'Sync. I also grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and The Carpenters. My mom is also one of my biggest idols, she's my rock.

(Colton)* Firstly, Kelly Clarkson is a big reason why I became a singer and who I look up to in how to carry myself in this business. I respect artists more when I can tell they are up on stage and putting out music for the right reasons. I grew up during the big pop boom of the late 90's early 2000's so that era of stars has really influenced me.

You guys were in Paris recently, are you enjoying being away from home?
Most days it's great because we get to do what we love, but some days it would be nice if I could just snap my fingers and magically be home with my dog.

What do you guys do, beside make music?
We enjoy getting into mischief! A lot of times we also just hang out and watch YouTube videos

You are all very individual in you fashion, has this always been the case or did you have to change your styles for Midnight Red?
I think we all were stylistically different since day 1 of Midnight Red, and have just evolved and grown to be who we are now. That's a big process we went through to essentially incubate to find some identity as a group. It's never really been premeditated, just us being us.

Musically are you all on the same page when it comes to Midnight Red and the direction you want the band to go?
Yes, we are very tuned to what Midnight Red phonically represents and what we want to sound like.

Have you written any original songs?
We recently started writing some stuff, but a bulk of our music was produced by our mentor RedOne and super producer Dallas Austin.

How tall is Colten..officially? I (Colton) am 5'5" pushing 5'6" right when I wake up :D
Thomas, How long does it take you to 'Do you hair everyday'? - I usually just wake up with my hair done. A little hair spray and I'm good to go. I think Vidal Sassoon is my guardian angel.

Joey, you have said that you have always been a entertainer, how much of that do you think came from your Dad? (Who is the voice of Coca-Cola). The main bulk of my "entertainer instincts" came from my father, watching & studying him (along with Michael Jackson) helped me get better as a performer and understand the foundations of entertainment.
Anthony, you truly believe in having good vocals and a band has to sing, what warm up's do you do, ahead of a performance. - (Anthony) For me it's not just about the music, I draw inspiration and look up to a few artists for several reasons. I absolutely love Pharrell Williams & Kanye West as far as style and music producing goes.

Eric, I know you can dance, how important is that nowadays? - Dancing is a part of entertaining, when people pay for a concert they expect to be entertained and if we don't keep raising the bar for putting on a show then we're not doing our job! We're trying to bring back what the true definition of a boyband is ;)

Who's album did each of you last buy? - Lana Del Rey (Thomas), One Direction's "UP ALL NIGHT" (Colton)

When can you guys expect your UK album release? We have to put our single out first but we are ready for the UK because we know the fans there are crazy (in a good way)

Do any of you guys have a girlfriend? Are you offering? (Laughs)!!

Their debut single “Hell Yeah” is available on iTunes and all other sites NOW!