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Monday, October 8, 2012 at 11:00 AM ET

M Exclusive Q&A: We chat with Midnight Red!

Hey M Girls!

M intern Toni here, filling you in on my latest boy band obsession! Meet Eric, Anthony, Colton, Thomas, and Joey -- better known as Midnight Red. Haven't heard of 'em? Trust me, you're about to! Their music is super-catchy, and their dance moves have turned all us interns into total REDHEADS!

Check out part of our interview where the guys talk about dating fans, their upcoming album, and why they love The Wanted and One Direction!

M: Hey guys, you're working on your debut album, can you tell us what fans can expect to hear?
Thomas: Our sound is very dance driven. It's like the epitome of pop. That catchiness and the whole pop music movement is what Midnight Red embodies. It's music that makes you want to get up and dance.
Anthony: Feel good stuff!

M: What was is like filming your very first music video?
Anthony: For our first music video ever, the shoot was so smooth. I think it's because the whole vibe of the video is just a fun time. That's what we're like in our real lives. We just like to have fun and party.

M: Awesome! So tell us about each other. What is each of the guys like?
Anthony: Eric, he's like the chill, goofy one. Always having a good time.
Colton: Anthony's got that like 'I'm so cool,' and then five seconds later he'll be bouncing off the walls, and then he'll be cool again.
Thomas: Colton is very all-American.
Joey: Thomas is the crazy one! He always tries to be different, and original and that's pretty cool about him.
Eric: Joey's the smooth, suave ladies' man.

M: There are so many great boy bands out right now! Who are some of your favorites? Are you guys Directioners?
Eric: They're cool guys! They're paving the way for boy bands.
Thomas: We met The Wanted!
Anthony: The Wanted are awesome.

M: We have to talk about girls. Are any of you guys single? Would you consider dating a fan?
Thomas: Yes, single and ready to mingle.
Anthony: As long as that person liked me for me, and not what I do as far as my career goes, of course I would date a fan.

M: Your fans are super-dedicated, anything you wanna tell them?
Colton: We wouldn't have anything without their fandom and dedication, which is unbelievable in such a short time. We just wanna say thanks.
Thomas: REDHEADS are the best!

Well there you have it! Totally cute right? If that's not enough MIdnight Red for ya, check out this exclusive performance the guys gave us (swoon!) of their song "Rockstar Lover":

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