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Exclusive: Midnight Red interview: ‘We want to impact the history of music”.

juin 24, 2012 Par fabienfurst

Check out my exclusive interview with Joey Diggs, Jr from US boysband, Midght Red ! We talk about their new single, their debut album and their relationships with RedOne ! First, thank you for this interview! Tell me about your new single, Hell Yeah! What was the concept for the video?

“The pleasure is ours! Hell Yeah is a great summer song and brings a lot of energy & rhythm to the music scene. The concept behind the video is to really capture the young, wild & cool lifestyle that we as Midnight Red actually live. 5 guys who just love to have a good time everywhere we go.”I suppose you are working on your debut album! How is that going? Is there a track that you’re particularly excited for people to hear?
“The Finishing touches are being put on the album as we speak! It’s a great feel-good music album that will make you get up and dance! Expect not only the high energy you get from Hell Yeah but also be prepared to be swooned by our angelic voices in a few mid-tempo/ballad records. ha ha!”Your producer is RedOne. What are your relationships with him? Does he advise you for the recording of your album and the launch of your career?
“Red One is a great guy hands down; him and his team have been very helpful when it comes to not only the recording aspect but also giving us insight on the music business.”Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block are touring together! You were their opening act in America! Would you like to live the same experience with another group on your own Tour?
“We were honored to find out we were going to be touring with the two largest boybands on the planet. We learned a lot from them, being able to study their performance night after night. In the future we would absolutely love to be a mentor to another upcoming group, just as they were for us.”

Other groups (One Direction, The Wanted) don’t dance. But you, you are very good dancers! Who are your inspirations for your choreographies?
“Growing up we loved watching acts such as Nsync, Michael Jackson and other dance driven performers. What we have noticed that with the accretion of Chris Brown the dance element has somewhat faded in today’s performers; all we want to do is bring that back into the world and give the fans our all.”

Before becoming famous, would you have auditioned for The X Factor or American Idol? (I read Colton is a huge fan of the show).
“Colton and myself have actually tried out for American idol in the past numerous times. The way we look at it, we were meant to be a part of Midnight Red with the rest of our brothers.”

Who in the charts do you admire at the moment?
“Justin Bieber is really doing his thing right now. His new album is one of his best in our opinion, we actually blasted it the other day on our way to a meeting. Really good music.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working in the band?
“Whether it’s working out, rehearsing, or even writing we like to keep getting better at our craft as a group even on our down time.”

What are your dreams for Midnight Red?
“Our dream is to basically be as innovative and inspiring as our musical heroes were to us. We want to impact the history of music for the better and we understand that this is only possible through hard work and dedication.”

Finally, do you have a message for you French fans?
“To the fans of France: Thank you for the love and support. WE LOVE YOU AND CAN’T WAIT TO PARTY WITH YOU ALL!!”