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Meet Midnight Red, The Next Superstar Boyband

by Garnet Henderson

Boybands are back and I couldn’t be more surprised. I was sure their perfect harmonies and smooth dance moves were a relic of the 90s, surviving only on VH1 shows. And in my 90s kid heart.

But I’ve been proved majorly wrong. I don’t even have to tell you about groups like One Direction and The Wanted, because with their armies of fans, there’s no way you could miss them. They’re even giving the great Biebs a run for his money.

We know you’ve been dying to become a rabid boyband fan, so we decided to help our lovely readers out. Ladies, One Direction and The Wanted are so done (cue the hate mail). The next blockbuster boyband is Midnight Red, and we’ve got everything you need to know about them right here.

Midnight Red is: Joey Diggs Jr., Thomas Augusto, Anthony Ladao, Colton Rudloff, and Eric Secharia. We chose them as the “Next One Direction” for our Next Big Thing music feature, but these boys are a little more rowdy and fun than 1D. We had the chance to nab an interview with Joey in a break from the band’s busy schedule.

Read on to find out how Midnight Red got their start, and to see their video for “Hell Yeah.”

Crushable: How did Midnight Red come to be?

Joey Diggs Jr.: Midnight Red came to be through the efforts of Pete Farmer and RedOne. Back in the day, Eric and Anthony were in a former group that disbanded, and they didn’t want to give up on the dream. They found Thomas through a show he’d done on MTV, they found me through a producer, and they found Colton on YouTube.

Did you ever expect to end up in a boyband?

It came as a major surprise, personally. Growing up I listened to *NSYNC and 98 Degrees in that big pop era, but never did I imagine that I’d be part of a boyband. Once it came to my doorstep I said, hey, might as well try it out, it could be really cool. And I’m glad I did.

You guys do a lot of dancing in your videos. What’s your background in dance?

Anthony and Eric are the more experienced dancers. The rest of us basically learned from them, and took in all of the advice we could from them. And with hard work and dedication over the last three years, as you can see in the video, we’re all working really hard and doing our best to make this thing look good.

You guys opened for New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys on their tour in the summer of 2011. What was that experience like for you as a younger boyband?

As a fresh boyband. Like we were fresh, fresh water. We were babies then. And to go out night after night and watch these professionals, these people who are seasoned, these people who know their business and have been doing it for 10, 20 years. To go night after night and learn from them was just incredible. We took all of it in. And Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys came to us and even gave us advice. The best piece of advice that he gave us was to walk to work as a unit. And if we do this the right way, and we have the group’s intentions in mind first, then there’s nobody that can stop us.

Where did the name Midnight Red come from?

It sounds kind of far fetched, but it actually came to me in a dream. There had been a period of time where we went through countless names and it didn’t work because not everybody agreed on a name, or it was already taken. And then one night I had a dream, and it told me to use the word midnight. I woke up, and texted the guys, this is what happened, and don’t laugh at me, but this is what happened. Then as a group we decided to add the word red on the end of it, to pay homage to our producer RedOne. And altogether, Midnight Red, midnight is a fun hour, everybody wants to stay out past midnight, party hour. And red is a very dominant color. And we want to dominate.

Some of the other boybands out there right now like One Direction and The Wanted have some very intense fans. Do you guys have fans like that?

We definitely respect One Direction and The Wanted, and all those other boybands out there doing their thing, and we respect their fans as well. But we have some die hard fans, too. I know it might not be quite on the level of the other boybands, but they definitely hold us down. They do some real work.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of music?

I like playing pickup games, and playing as many sports as possible. That’s what I grew up doing. And I also I hang out with family and friends, because I feel that’s important as well.

What would be the ultimate success for Midnight Red?

I think it would have to be long term in the industry. We don’t want to just come into the game and have short success. We want to really be doing this 20 years from now. I think as a whole, that would be our number one success story.

Where will we see Midnight Red next?

We have our music video and our single out on iTunes, so people can look and hear us that way. We’re also going a lot of places this summer and within the next three months. We’re going to New York, we have a show at Gramercy Theatre. So expect to see Midnight Red in a city near you really soon.