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Posted on May 25, 2012

Read Midnight Red’s first EVER UK interview!

It’s Midnight Red are the world’s hottest new boyband. Following in the footsteps of N’Sync, Backstreet Boys and NKOTB, Thomas, Joey, Anthony, Colton and Eric are five American lads ready to take the charts by storm.

If you love The Wanted, adore JLS or worship One Direction, we’re sure you’ll also find a place in your hearts for this incredible new group who have been put together by superstar producer Red One.

Celebritain are honoured that they chose to give their first ever UK interview to us…

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This is your first ever UK interview; how does it feel to be launching over here?

As a whole we can say that it feels great to reach out to all of our fans, especially the ones on the other side of the pond. We appreciate all the love & support we already receive in the UK and cant wait to come over and taste some fish and chips. ha

Tell us something about yourselves which we won’t have read elsewhere?

We really are 5 unique & different guys; when it comes to ethnic background, aesthetic tastes, and even sense of style. However, when it comes to music we all share that common love and desire to perform our hearts out and give the best show possible. We are really big into giving back and that’s a huge goal for us once we can achieve some level of success.

You’ll know that Britain is on it with boybands at the moment; what are your thoughts on The Wanted and One Direction?

We think they are killing it right now (as well as JLS who we love) The two groups are doing a pronominal job at the moment and we congratulate then on all their success. Now that everyone got a little taste the Boyband craze, we hope they are ready for Midnight Red and what we can do as well!

They’re having global success, what can you learn from their achievements?

What we learned is that this is not as easy as everyone might think it is, it takes hard work, dedication and patience. We have a huge level of respect for them for working as hard as they do.

Those bands don’t dance; why is it important for you to dance and how do you find moving and singing live at once?

What we want everyone to know is thy when it comes I Midnight Red the dancing is just as important as the singing. We want our fans to walk away with a complete experience; 5 guys, harmonies, great visuals, and high energy dance moves. The task of performing both at the same time can be difficult at times, but there’s nothing practice and preparation can’t fix.

RedOne is responsible for you, how do you feel about that?

Red One is not only an amazingly accomplished producer/songwriter but he is also a very genuine, warm hearted individual. We are honored to work along side such a talented person.

I’ve seen your LMFAO video so you clearly have a sense of humour! What was it like filming that video?

The point of that video in short is that we want everyone to understand that we don’t take ourselves too serious and that we really like to have fun & enjoy ourselves. In relation to our music, which is party driven, we want the experience of walking away from one our shows to be as if you just left the craziest party ever and can’t wait to do it again.

Being on the road, staying in hotels etc, you must get bored – tell us about one or more crazy pranks you’ve got up to?

With Midnight Red there are no dull moments; for example while we were on the New Kids on the Block/ Backstreet Boys tour , Anthony & Eric decided to buy fireworks and light them in a random parking lot. Those who passed by in their cars were shocked because it wasn’t even the 4th of July.

Thanks you celebritain. We love our U.K #redheads.