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Midnight Red Talks "Hell Yeah"

Thu, 28 Jun 2012 08:09:46

We're in the middle of a boy band explosion right now, but the group who's burning the brightest is Midnight Red. On their debut single, "Hell Yeah", these five dynamos—Anthony Ladao, Colton Rudloff, Eric Secharia, Joey Diggs, and Thomas Augusto—ignite pop with an infectious and incendiary party anthem. Instantly unforgettable and undeniably uncontainable, it's the kind of track that brings stadiums to their feet. It's also the start of an amazing journey for Midnight Red…

In this exclusive interview with editor in chief Rick Florino, Colton Rudloff of Midnight Red talks "Hell Yeah", touring with NKOTBSB, and so much more.

What's the story behind "Hell Yeah"?

We were in Paris, France last December, ending the ten-day trip our label had sent us on. RedOne—the executive producer of our album—played us a few songs, demos, and beats he'd done. This track played, and it only had a chorus. We thought it really sounded awesome. While we recorded another song, we watched writers and producers from RedOne's team on the other side of the glass wall demo out "Hell Yeah". We couldn't hear what was going on though [Laughs]. We could see them, but we didn't know what was happening. The next day, we recorded "Hell Yeah" and we knew it had to be our first single.

What's the song about lyrically?

As Midnight Red, we want to be a party crowd. If you come to our concerts, it's going to be a good time. This song shows us off as a group, and it's the best possible way to debut us to the world. Each of us gets a part, and it's a carefree party. Your life's a party. Be yourself. You don't have to care. The song has a hip hop breakdown. It's Anthony's part, and it fits his thing because he's the coolest cat ever [Laughs]. Everybody's part fits him so well. It came together so well.

Is this like your calling card?

It absolutely is. It's a little bit different from what other boy bands are putting out at the moment. There's a different vibe and message. It's a great place to start. We have more to say. We're not afraid to say certain things other boy bands might be afraid to.

What are some of those things you want to say?

We're all adults in the group. When you think of a boy band, you typically have this image of really young kids. There's definitely some material on the album that's not for five-year-olds.

What artists shaped you?

Rihanna's new album Talk That Talk is what made me a fan of hers. Her new stuff is forward-thinking, and I love the production. Justin Bieber's new album, Believe, is so great. The material is what it needs to be. My favorite is Kelly Clarkson though. That's my girl right there. She's the reason I became a singer. It started with American Idol. I watched it from episode one. The minute I saw her, it was the first time I really started to care about an artist. I got completely invested. That's what started me off singing. I was a fan right from moment I saw her. Ten years later, she's more successful than ever. Her biggest record just came out. She's always been a normal girl. It has nothing to do with trying to be a pop star, wearing crazy outfits, or needing attention from the media at all times. That's what I love about her.

How was your experience on NKOTBSB last year?

Talk about a cool way to start off Midnight Red's career. We did 16 cities. We started in Minnesota as eight people crammed in a little white van circling the country, and it was the best. We were standing on stage in front of 15,000 people a night.

—Rick Florino