Return to The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless w/ Them Evils @ Delmar Hall 05.11.17

Posted on May 12, 2017

As a musician, one of the greatest honors is to return to your hometown and perform for your city. Taylor Momsen got to do just that this last Thursday when she came through Delmar Hall with her band The Pretty Reckless. The sold out night at Delmar Hall included an opening set by Them Evils. Hours before the show began there was already a line of people waiting out front. Many fans upgraded to special VIP tickets for early entry to secure the best possible spot for the show. Everyone was more than happy to spend a few hours hanging around. In fact many people drove multiple hours just to see The Pretty Reckless, sharing their stories of the drive over as they waited in line.

Once inside the energy was high and the crowd was ready for Them Evils to start. The three piece band from Orange County, California got the night started right with a high energy and very fun set. Them Evils is made up of Jordan Griffin (Guitar/Vocals), Jake Massanari (Bass), and David Delaney II (Drums). While they classify themselves purely as Rock N Roll, Them Evils has very prominent influences that range from artists like Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stone Age. Many of their songs fit right in here in St. Louis, with guitar riffs that evoke Mississippi Outlaw Country. The vibe is especially strong on their recent single “Untold”.

While the trio definitely has a lot of musical talent, one of the best parts of their performance is the amount of pure fun they are having on stage. Each song comes with its fair share of hair flips and rock star poses, working off the crowd’s energy as they go.  As a special treat for the crowd that night they even played a new unreleased track entitled “You Got Me Rocking”. Considering the band is on their third studio EP, it is hopeful that this new song will come on a full studio album.

To pair some old with the new, next up they covered Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, getting a very happy reaction from the crowd. You can tell touring with The Pretty Reckless is the start of good things for this band, and we are excited to see what comes next.

As the house lights came back on tension start to rise in the room, with eager fans ready for the main event. While the band’s popularity is now a global phenomenon, front-woman Taylor Momsen got her start right here in St. Louis. She even studied dance at the Center Of Creative Arts here in town, which happens to be just down the street from Delmar Hall. Many fans discovered Taylor from her years of acting, in feature films and TV shows. As a young girl she was Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch, and ended up garnering the most fame from her character Jenny Humphreys on Gossip Girl. But as many of her fans know, her dreams were not in acting, but in music.

In an article from Digital Spy she explained, “Acting is easy. I’ve been doing it for so long and I totally love it. But you’re playing a character instead of yourself. Music is more personal because you’re writing it and you’re involved in every step of it”. She dropped from the show in 2011 to focus on her career, and that is how we got The Pretty Reckless. The rest of the band includes Ben Phillips (Guitar), Mark Damon (Bass), and Jamie Perkins (Drums). When these four get together it is clear that being a rock star was Taylor’s destiny.

In true rock star fashion the show started exactly twenty minutes late, with their 2014 hit Follow Me Down. The high energy start to the show immediately displays the level of talent within the group. Not only is Taylor’s presence on stage completely captivating, but Ben Phillip’s performance on the guitar brings the band to a whole new level. Also early on in the set was their current single “Oh My God” off their most recent album who you selling for. The album was released back in October 2016 was co-written by Momsen and Phillips.

Momsen often discusses how music has healing qualities for her, and The Pretty Reckless definitely had the same effect on the crowd. Song after song the energy stayed high, never failing to give the people what they wanted. It was a night of some pure Rock N Roll that never let up. There is no doubt why this band sells out shows, they are not one to miss. The main set ended with their debut single from who you selling for, “Take Me Down”, which topped the Billboard charts for Mainstream Rock when it came out last July.