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Album Review: The Pretty Reckless-Who You Selling For?

By: Song River

So little Cindy Lou Who of the Dr. Seuss movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) and the former CW Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen has brought the cat scratch fever to its pantheric like levels as her dark vocals are the razors cusp slicing the sound just at the edge of night. Her vocal narration tells of sex, drugs and rock n roll- this is- The Pretty Reckless new album, Who You Selling For?

Momsen without question brings her definingly raw, gritty and sensual vocal style into this rock album. She shows a strong force of diversity throughout most of the album. Opening track “The Walls Are Closing In- Hangman” takes a kick back hard drive to an Alice in Chains sound. Momsen working with guitarist Ben Phillips show their undeniable strength as a unit. Together they are the twine twisted into a unrelentingly- unbreakable cord. Jointly they hale their force into a raucous southern rock number with, “Oh My God.” Taking a turn and slowing it down Momsem breathes in “Bedroom Window” with the lyrical line …”it's all too much for me...” it almost paints the quintessential point of the album. The pace of rocking that seedy side of blues and southern grind with the prowess of rock continues to bleed itself in “Already Dead,” “The Devil's Back,” and out of the magicians hat The Pretty Reckless pull an industrial-tinged electronic beat with “Mad Love,” it is total sweet as honey fantasy of seduction. Taking a kick-ace stroke to the days of the Allman Brothers sound, Momsen once again drips her southern blues in “Back to the River.”

The weakest link musically and lyrically is the track, “Living in the Storm” its sound seems to be the one track that wasn’t given as much attention, but was put into round out a full-length. It isn't a horrible number, it just doesn't showcase in the same vein as the rest of the album pulsates. The band’s signature sound grounds itself on tracks like “Wild City,” where Momsen warns that the city is no place for a motherless child.

This compilation of The Pretty Reckless combines southern rock, Jersey shores rock, Northwest grunge vibe rock, blues rich rock and there is nothing innocent left on the table. This album has a huge feel, it is a sweat filled delivery that expresses a chilling reckless story that needs to be told. With the numerous special guests brought in, [guitarist Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers), guitarist Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel), and keyboardist Andy Burton (Ian Hunter), as well as backing vocalists Janice Pendarvis (David Bowie), Jenny Douglas-Foote (P!nk), and Sophia Ramos (Rod Stewart)] this soul salvation of raw unpretentious land of rock melts in your mouth and makes your body sing. The Pretty Reckless recipe for rock... urgent/aggressive/gutsy/seductive and you have the world of The Pretty Reckless spinning on repeat.

Pre-order digitally. Available on October 21st via Razor & Tie then out on tour to support Who You Selling For?

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