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The Pretty Reckless’ Ben Phillips joins The Music Blitz

By  on May 24, 2017

Hey everyone, Damien Dennis here from The Pit Media. Last Tuesday, I had the chance to speak with guitarist Ben Phillips of The Pretty Reckless about their recent tour with Soundgarden and the festivities that were about to happen with Rock On The Range.

After much discussion and back-and-forth within my own head, I’ve decided to publish this interview and write this note to go along with it. Ben had Tuesday off in Detroit before their last show of the tour with Soundgarden Wednesday night at the Fox Theater. He was out replacing some equipment when he took the time to speak with me.

You can here it for yourself below, but Ben was explaining to me how excited the entire band was for this tour and how much they admired Soundgarden as a whole. This continued to be shown when asked about sharing the same stage as Metallica at Rock On The Range.


Wednesday night last week, as we all know, Chris Cornell suddenly passed away and the music world has been in mourning ever since. This interview has been on iTunes and Stitcher since Wednesday morning, but the original story meant to accompany it was delayed and then scratched following that night’s events.

I want you to listen to my conversation with Ben to see how honored he was to be sharing the stage with the late Chris Cornell. There’s a lot of other great information in there as well, including past ROTR experiences and the writing process for the most recent record.

To end this, I want to take a moment to give my thoughts to Chris’ family and friends, but also The Pretty Reckless who may be the most shaken in the music industry by the news. The Pit family loves you all.