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The Pretty Reckless talks inspiration, creation

  • May 15, 2017

Taylor Momsen bares her soul in The Pretty Reckless’ new album, “Who You Selling For,” with the rawness and grit fans have come to expect.

In this album, like those before, Momsen said nothing is off limits.

“Except Autotune,” she said. “That’s lame. We won’t go there.”

There’s an unexpectedness in TPR’s music that keeps fans hooked.

But that's why I love rock n' roll so much, it's freedom. It encompasses everything—it's pop, it's jazz, it's blues, it's soul, it's country. So as a writer it gives you so much freedom to explore and go different place and it's still rock n' roll,” she told the Progress. “There's no limitations or boundaries. As soon as you put boundaries on yourself when you're writing, you're stunting yourself and not allowing the music to be as good as it could be.”

When it comes to creation, Momsen said she doesn’t hold back.

“Any time you accomplish any sort of great feet, whether that's writing a song, releasing a record, finishing a tour. Any time you finish a huge thing you're left kind of empty because you put so much of yourself into it. You're left with a kind of hole and you have to figure out what to fill it with. That's why there's a cliché that all the rockstars do drugs and alcohol, trying to fill a hole. I try to fill it with more music—and alcohol,” she said.

Momsen said rock gods and idols should remain veiled.

“That's why I don't want to meet my idol. I don't want to get to know them. The new paradigm with social media you're so connected with everyone, which is great in some ways. But at the same time I don't want to get to know my idols personally because whatever I've built up in my head about them, that they're these gods, I don't want to know that they're human. I want them to remain gods,” she said. “You want to connect with your fans and have them understand your music but at the same time you want to remain a little bit private, separated so they can see the music in a grander way.”

The glimpses she gives into her personal life don’t give away much.

Momsen said she’s “a homebody, kind of shy.”

When she’s home, she’s creating and re-charging.

While art and music are grand, so is the inspiration behind them.

Momsen said she draws inspiration from everything—film, books, paintings, art, the world.

“That's something I do when I start writing a new record. I immerse myself in all types of art from books to paintings and all the movies that inspire me. I paint. Anything that keeps your mind open and creative,” she said.

Momsen is vocal about breaking away from an acting career and forging her own career in the music industry— “I'm not one for advice. I'm more for making my own mistakes and learning from them. I'm not great at following rules. My road won't be the same as anyone else's so what's their advice going to do for me?”

TPR recently returned from a stint in South America and are gearing up for the summer tour circuit alongside Soundgarden.

TPR is scheduled to return to the Rocklahoma stage again this Memorial Day weekend.

They’ve played twice before but Momsen said this year’s performance will be something new entirely.

Momsen said, “The band has really matured and the sound has grown. The new material is really, really fun to do live. It's a show the fans haven’t seen before. If you've seen us at Rocklahoma, it's an all new show this time. It's a blast.”