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The Pretty Reckless new album Who You Selling For brings out a depth of rock and blues filled with soul

Posted on November 10, 2016

The Pretty Reckless have continued to capture music lovers’ attention with the release of their new album, who you selling for.


The album wastes no time in grabbing your attention as it starts with Taylor’s mesmerizing vocals on The Walls Are Closing In/Hangman. It has a hypnotic style that swirls with inviting vocals and a pulsing beat. Everyone has been hooked on the Take Me Down, the first single off the album that quickly rose to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, settting a new record for The Pretty Reckless. Check out the video here:

Taylor has this magic of bringing out such emotion with her voice, as she exudes soul and seductiveness, touching on every emotion. Prisoner and Backdoor Window are prime examples. Wild City is one of my personal faves and has this southern rock vibe wrapped in soulful vocals, definitely a standout track.

The album which was produced by longtime collaborator Kato Khandwala was released just last month and I believe truly shows how this band continues to make standout music that tears the genre walls down. It brings in soul, blues, southern rock, and so much more. Back To River and Living in The Storm are two very different style tracks and yet both are superb in showing how diverse this band can be. They can touch you with emotions and also rock you out in full form.

The title track Who You Selling For is another personal favorite of mine. Taylor’s vocals carry such a raw and honest vulnerability, lyrically and musically. It opens a heart full of emotion as you feel invited into her world, simply beautiful!

The track Already Dead takes you on a dark ceremonial march style with powerful soul filled vocals and some of the sweetest bluesy guitars. The Devils Back follows and treats you to a sultry sweetness, painting a celestial air among, deep infectious guitars. The atmosphere on this song is grandious and could easily go on for another 7 minutes and I would be in heaven.

The album wraps up with a bonus track Mad Love and is another fave. The track has this rich retro vibe of alternative and dance. It is a catchy track and once again shows the diversity of this band.

The album will appeal to many music lovers of all genres as it brings together blues, rock, alternative, southern rock and much more. You can pick up the album by  heading over to iTunesor head over to their website.

We recently caught The Pretty Reckless at their incredible performance for this year’s Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, last month. They brought the energy to the stage as Taylor’s mesmerizing vocals captured the crowd. Check out some photos from our Rockin Ryan:


The Pretty Reckless is:

Taylor Momsen – Vocals
Ben Phillips – Guitar
Mark Damon – Bass
Jamie Perkins – Drums


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