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The Pretty Reckless / Holy White Hounds / Them Evils
October 27, 2016 
Gas Monkey Live
Dallas, TX

By Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

A Reckless Night Of Rock N' Roll @ Gas Monkey Live

A fantastic night of Rock N' Roll as The Pretty Reckless returns with a new tour, new LP and two kick ass opening bands, Them Evils and the Holy White Hounds. Performing at the Gas Monkey Live, probably the best live venue in Dallas, Texas, the night was set and filled with fans with a high lean on the female gender side, as to be expected! Girl Power was strong and the love was in the air!

A Reckless Night Of Rock N' Roll  @ Gas Monkey Live

The second opener, Holy White Hounds out of Des Moines, Iowa came out strong with a unique sound that is a bit hard to describe. Groovy, Melodic, Hazy at times but straight up back to basic rock and roll. The 4 piece band includes; Brenton Dean, lead vocals and lead guitar, Ambrose Lupercal bass guitar, Seth Luloff on drums and James Manson on lead guitar as well. On tour with The Pretty Reckless as the direct main opener, the HWH are supporting their recent release Sparkle Sparkle which came out this past February that landed the band getting signed in March... now that's the way you do it! Part comedian, part rock band, but a definite great time! Catch them live!

A Reckless Night Of Rock N' Roll  @ Gas Monkey Live

Okay, so now to The Pretty Reckless, the main act, an American rock band from New York City fronted by the mysterious Taylor Momsen on vocals and rhythm guitar on a few numbers. This is my first time to see them live, heard many great things about them and I have to say I was quite impress from the get go!

Kickin' of with "Follow Me Down" from their 2014 second release Going To Hell, was a nice start... and the fans go wild! Taylor, with her long blonde hair, tall slim built and black attire is adored by her fans, especially the female base. She brings out the fire in her followers and enjoys every moment on stage. The second number "Since Your Gone" ignited the crowd as the cheers and screams reached a higher pitch... but it got louder as the show moved on!

A Reckless Night Of Rock N' Roll  @ Gas Monkey Live

I was impressed with the band in general. Jamie PerkinsBen Phillips and Mark Damon are some talented musicians and with a powerhouse vocalist like Taylor Momsen makes this group stand out a bit more than the rest. On Tour and supporting their recent 2016 release Who You Selling For, the band has reached a new level that places them in a comfortable spot and it shows in their performance.

Some of the highlights of the evening were "Oh My God," "Sweet Things," "Going Down" and of course "Going To Hell" fom their 2014 same title release. Their set never hit a slow spot even when Ms. Momsen said "Lets take it down a notch"... this band just rocks! They finished with a show stopper "Fucked Up World" which pretty much describes The Pretty Reckless style... loud, heavy, in your face and never having to say you are sorry!