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By Michael Shinafelt

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

An Exclusive Quickie With "The Pretty Reckless"

Their Here, They're Reckless, Get Used To It!
Photo: Rob Fenn
It's been a big week for The Pretty Reckless. Their album Who You Selling For came out this past Friday. The first single off of it Take Me Down is the #1 song on the Billboard Rock Chart this week! Making four number ones for the band in a row! Woot

Frontwoman Taylor Momsen & Guitarist Ben Phillips took time out from their crazy schedule to answer five "quickie" questions for Entertain Me. Get ready to go "Reckless!" 
MS"Who You Selling For" definitely encompasses a lot of soul blues & rock-n-roll.  Was that an organic direction or a chosen one for the two of you?

TPR: It's always organic.  We don't have any pre conceived notions for the music.  The inspiration of songwriting dictates the direction.  We are slaves to the muse.

MS: You guys co-write all the songs. Give some insight to your writing process.

TPR: It's everything and nothing.  We basically isolate ourselves and live life looking for anything that inspires us.  Writing is an all consuming mistress, it's our favorite thing to do

I'm With The Band
Photo: Andrew Lipovsky
MS: Do you ever write solo or is it always a collaborative process?

TPR: Sometimes ideas come together, sometimes we bring them to each other, there is no set method to the madness

MS: Why the name The Pretty Reckless?

TPR: Because The Moderately Reckless was taken ;)

MS: If you were stranded in the forest with only three albums to listen to what would you choose?

TPRThe White Album, Abbey Road and Revolver/Rubber Soul by The Beatles.

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