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PRETTY RECKLESS: 'Oh My God' Video Released

February 9, 2017 21 Comments

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PRETTY RECKLESS: 'Oh My God' Video Released

"Oh My God", the new video from THE PRETTY RECKLESS, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's third studio set, "Who You Selling For", which arrived on October 21.

Asked what she means by the line "I wish I was black" in "Oh My God"THE PRETTY RECKLESS singer Taylor Momsen told TeamRock: "I don't wanna get too specific; it's not that simple. It's not just as simple as 'I wish I was black', it's 'I wish had soul and my music attacked.' It's going, 'I wish I had more to me than I feel like I do.'

Added guitarist Ben Phillips: "If you take that song literally, and I don't think people do when they hear it, but if you break it down and ask questions about it…" Taylor continued: "... it kind of rips away the whole point of the song, which is desperation."

Ben went on to say: "It's like 'Animals' by PINK FLOYD, when he says 'Big man, pig man,' it's not actually a pig man. If you asked him, 'Is there a pig man sitting in front of you?' the answer would be no. That was a really terrible analogy! But I think that song is desperate desire to be more than you are, and that lyric is interesting."

THE PRETTY RECKLESS recently broke a record set by 3 DOORS DOWN and saw its first four mainstream singles hit No. 1 on Billboard's rock chart. The band's song "Take Me Down" topped the chart, following in the footsteps of "Heaven Knows""Messed Up World" and "Follow Me Down" from 2014's "Going To Hell" album. That broke the group's tie with 3 DOORS DOWN and put them in a position to tie or break the next record, five No. 1 singles, which is owned for now by Canada's THREE DAYS GRACE.