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 By: Scottie Brown


Now in today’s world, you have to continue to evolve your music and to keep it fresh and new to the listeners; sometimes one has to evolve drastically in order to get their music where they want it to be. Sick Puppies is no exception to this with their new album “Fury”. Shimon Moore departed from the band in late 2014. “He made it apparent that he wanted to go in a different direction than the band and Mark and I had known that we didn’t want to kill the band cause we’ve worked so hard for what we want to do”, says Emma. The band has had to undergo some major changes, but “Fury” is a step in the direction that Sick Puppies wants to be.

“Fury” is more of a heavier record than any of the previous work, “I think our fans always wanted that, there is a lot of emotion on the record, which is why it’s titled “Fury”, I think it’s the general theme of the whole album”, says drummer Mark Goodwin. It features harshly amazing vocals from the new singer Brian, hard hitting drum beats from drummer Mark, and Emma is slapping the bass all over this record and it is quite evident that the band has some “Fury” to let out with the record. “With the album there are a lot of emotions and I think that most people can attach to it, I think our single “Stick to Your Guns” really has to do with what we are doing as a band. You move forward no matter what the outcomes are”, says Brian. Sick Puppies did just that, with unleashing an entirely new side to the band.

Sick Puppies - Stick To Your Guns

“Fury” has something that everyone can enjoy and relate to, from heavy songs to beautiful ballads, from notable tracks like the intro track “Black & Blue” to softer more melodic tracks such as “If I Stay”. Sick Puppies even allowed duets between Brian (Vocals & lead guitar) and Emma (Bassist), and even gave Emma her own song, which allows the album to have many different sounds vocally and musically. No song sounds the same, which is really hard to come by in today’s music industry. Sick Puppies has done a wonderful job of bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

From the first song to the last, this album is amazing, and is for everyone to enjoy. If it’s anger and releasing it or wanting to be intimate and enjoy life, there is a track for everyone on the album. “Fury” has been steady climbing the charts in its first week of release and is continuing to do so with the hit “Stick to Your Guns”. Sick Puppies are currently touring in support for Fury and the video “Stick to Your Guns” premiered on Wednesday. Sick Puppies are going to continue climbing and overcoming all the obstacles with all the “Fury” they have.

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