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May 8th The Chance Theater, NY   words: Scott Yager


The Sick Puppies brought their Australian rock to the states and are still putting out very pleasing hard rock tracks that cause heads to bang throughout the country. They dropped by The Sound to talk about their latest effort and the success they have had so far. 


SOUND: How does the music scene in Australia differ from the music scene in the United States? Are there any major differences in doing press, appearances, the reaction at shows, etc?

PUPPIES: The major difference I would say would be the sheer number of people here compared to Australia, in the US there's 50 states worth of people that absolutely love rock music and just go wild at shows and a band can tour relentlessly going from state to state, its a great place for music.


SOUND: Having garnered a ton of initial sense on the Youtube platform, how do you feel technology, the internet, streaming services and all the other ways the music industry has shifted in the last 15-20 years has benefited artists' ability to break out, reach people and succeed on an even playing field?

PUPPIES: Technology/social media has been paramount for artists these days because everyone has a computer/cell phone/internet and it's all readily available at your fingertips. Back in the day you had to wait for an album to come out and had to go to the store to pick it up, it's definitely a lot easier for people to purchase music now. 

Also for new artists it's extremely beneficial because now you can record music on your laptop, release it and promote it all on the same device!


SOUND: Are there any downsides? Has the fall of terrestrial radio (especially in the rock genre, at least in NYC) negatively impacted music as much as how streaming services have helped it?

PUPPIES: You've hit the nail on the head, the new era has it's pros and cons, rock radio unfortunately has been dying out a little but streaming services have increased, either way the music is still as readily available, if not more, but now it's up to music fans to seek out the music they want versus discovering it on radio.


SOUND: Who are your influences, vocally and as a band in general?

PUPPIES: As a band, Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, Muse, Tool, Incubus have been strong influences, and personally? As a bass player, I would say Victor Wooten, Flea from Chili Peppers and Les Claypool! Vocally I love Shirley Manson, Fiona Apple and Skylar Grey.


SOUND: You have a very easily digestible sound. I think in the rock world that is somewhat of a lost art. The kind of rock that gets you jacked up and you can throw on and not alienate everyone else in the room who might not be preconditioned to screaming and other disorienting qualities that a lot of newer hard rock and metal seems to need to include. Is that something that’s conscious? Where is the line between making the music melodic enough and appealing enough to a broader audience while also still having that rugged and authentic quality that the rock fans want to embrace?

PUPPIES: I guess, we're just making music that we as hard rock music fans would like to listen to, there's nothing worse than writing a song and listening back to it and never wanting to hear it again! our new album 'Fury' is a great example, we wrote this album by purging a lot of feelings and emotions we were experiencing at the time while also being mindful to make it something we'd want to listen to as music fans. We are very proud of this album!