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Sick Puppies singer plans to add his own twist

Singer Bryan Scott admits he was driving and Facebooking when he spotted a post about one of his favorite rock bands, Sick Puppies, parting ways with lead singer Shimon Moore in 2014.

Scott, “in between musical endeavors” at the time, dropped everything to throw his hat into the ring.

“Something came over me; this is what I needed to do,” he says of his decision to go after the lead singer spot. “I loved the music already, the rawness of the band, this three-piece making all this noise. I think that’s so cool, and I always respected that.”

After a number of meetings, auditions and jamming on a bunch of old Sick Puppies tunes, Scott was named the new lead singer just in time to start work on “Fury,” which debuts Friday.

“It has been a crazy ride ever since,” says Scott. “We jelled really well. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve all been doing it long enough. When you’re younger you’re a little crazier. We’re all in respective points in our lives, and we’re past that. They’re very humble people, the most genuine people who are just here to rock and play music.”

Scott, who has performed with Glass Intrepid, Dev Electric and Emphatic, says his goal with Sick Puppies is not to be the man he replaced.

“I’m not the old singer, and I’m not trying to be,” he says. “That would be fake. Since I was a fan as well, I know how that would feel on a fan level. That’s the biggest change you can make to a band. But as a fan I would also want something that felt familiar to me. I want to pay homage to what fans have learned to love.

“And I feel we’ve done that with ‘Fury,’ paying tribute to what the band is while adding a bit of a twist to it.”

He calls “Fury” a great collaborative effort for the band. “We wanted it to be sick while adding a new chapter to it.”

The band recorded with producer Mark Holman (the Struts, Shinedown) in Nashville, Tenn., after an initial period of writing and producing with others. It took the band about a year to write the record. The band knew it had found what it was looking for after recording “Stick to Your Guns,” the current single.

“We said this is the sound right there,” he says. “We hit on something great, and the rest of the songs fell in line.”

The goal with the album was to present the most powerful release yet.

“It’s aggressive, it’s passionate, it’s raw,” Scott says. “We went back to what a lot of the fans were asking for. The majority of the fans have been fiending for heavier music, and that was great because that’s what we wanted to do anyway. There’s so much the band wanted to say with a lot of aggressiveness. We’re ready to unleash this chapter.”

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