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Sick Puppies looking to 'Connect' with fans at Pointfest

By Kevin C. Johnson 314-340-8191

The last time Sick Puppies fans heard from the Australian band was last year when the rockers were on the road with Seether. Sick Puppies eventually left the Triple Threat Tour, which also included Kyng, because of “unfortunate circumstances.” (The tour played at Pop’s intact.)

Of its disappearing act, Sick Puppies’ singer-guitarist Shimon “Shim” Moore says the band had other business it could not ignore.

“We broke our recording process in half and had to come back and do some recording for some things we were not able to cancel,” Moore says. “But we plan to make up those shows.”

The band, on the road now with a stop this weekend at Pointfest at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, is promising “the heaviest, coolest show we know how to bring.”

Of course, in a lengthy lineup such as Pointfest, which also includes Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace and several more rockers, most bands are forced to give shorter versions of their normal sets. Moore sees that as a plus.

“They’re better in a way,” he says. “You get to hit it and quit it, just play the songs everybody loves. It’s not like you’re running a marathon. Then you get to watch all your favorite bands after you.”

Sick Puppies is using this summer to not only play its greatest hits but to introduce fans to the upcoming album “Connect,” scheduled for release July 16.

The first single, “There’s No Going Back,” will be released on May 20 (at the time of the interview, the band hadn’t played it live yet and was considering saving it for Pointfest).

Moore calls “There’s No Going Back” a sequel of sorts to “Maybe,” a single from the band’s 2009 album “Tri-Polar.”

“After you take that chance in life and do what you want to do, the next day you wake up and there are obstacles, things testing you. But this song says there is no going back, only going forward,” he says of the wannabe anthem. “It’s an empowerment song.”

Ultimately, what Sick Puppies wants to do with “Connect” is create the most timeless songs possible.

“We want songs that are going to be relevant in 20 years.”