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Sick Puppies displays Disney magic in Orlando show

October 2, 2013
Disney World is known as the happiest place on Earth for everything seems like magic and no more was that true than on Tuesday evening at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Fla. As Sick Puppies displayed one of the best rock shows I’ve seen all year supporting their new album, Connect.

From the moment the trio took the stage, they were upbeat, energetic and just plain entertaining. Lead singer, Shim Moore’s vocals were right on cue and he made every effort to ensure the crowd was having a great time. He also expressed a heartfelt thanks to the crowd for their support, something rarely seen these days.

Mark Goodwin was a machine on the drums and a force to be reckoned with! His skills were top notch and kept the pace for the show.

Saving the best for last was Emma Anzai on bass. Not only was her bass playing masterful, her stage presence was out of this world! Moving about the stage with energy and enthusiasm she raises the bar on how bass guitar players should perform. Her beauty and style is a concert photographer's dream. Truly a magical experience, in pure Disney fashion.

Sick Puppies continues their tour throughout North America so be sure to check out their website for dates and cities. While you’re at it, pick up their latest album, Connect on RMR/Capitol Records, at retail outlets everywhere.