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Sick Puppies ‘Connect’ With Fans For A Night In The OC
Sick Puppies
Sick Puppies play the House of Blues Thursday, Sept. 12

Showcasing songs off their third album released July 2013 entitled, “Connect,” Sick Puppies will be headlining the House Of Blues on Sept. 12. Opening the night for Sick Puppies will be Redlight King for a great night of not-to-be-missed pop metal.

According to Sick Puppies’ website, the new album is all about how they feel a connection to their own lives at this moment. “The trio is all about connection–with their fans, each other, their own psyches…”

Originally the duo from Australia consisted of vocalist and guitarist, Shim Moore, and bassist, Emma Anzai. After relocating their band to the U.S. and settling in Los Angeles the band recruited their final member from Orange County, drummer Mark Goodwin.

OC Concert Guide had an opportunity to talk to Anzai on their connection with this area and what fans can look forward to on their up-coming tour.

OCCG: Your band has a connection to Orange County. Tell us about the connection and how it connects the band to the fans here?

EA: Yes! Our drummer Mark is from Orange County, he grew up there. We still haven’t played there so it will be new and also a trip for Mark when we do. It’s always a great feeling playing your hometown.

OCCG: What are some of the bands you listened to in High School that brought you together and made you want to play music together?
EA: Shim and I went to high school together and the whole reason Sick Puppies started was because of our mutual love for an Australian band called Silverchair. We met as kids in the high school music room and jammed on Silverchair all lunchtime until we decided to start own band. It was Silverchair first, then we jammed on Green Day covers and also Rage Against the Machine. Those were our favs at the time.

OCCG: Does anyone in the band play more than one instrument? What is everyone’s musical training?
EA: Everyone is self-taught, Shim plays some piano and we all play a little bit of guitar, I started on guitar and then moved to bass once we started Sick Puppies.

OCCG: What types of music influence you more now or changed since you first started playing in a band?
EA: I’d say the bands that influenced us at first will always hold a special place because they were the bands that started it all for us. Even to this day when I hear Silverchair or Rage against the machine it’s still inspiring.

OCCG: How was working with the producing team, the Rock Mafia? Are they really as gangster as their name sounds?
EA: Oh you know it!
We’ve worked with Rock Mafia since we came to the states. We first started recording and writing with them for the first album “Dressed up as life” and from there we have kept a close relationship and have explored writing and recording all the way up until our new album “Connect”
There is something to be said about getting to know your producers well and them getting to know us. It proves to be a fulfilling musical journey.

OCCG: What was your favorite songs to record on each of your 3 albums and why?
EA: Dressed up as life – Howard’s Tale. Because that bass riff was such a challenge to write a cool melody to and when we wrote with our friend Brett Creswell we managed to find the right formula to make it work.

Tri-Polar – Odd One
The theme of being an outcast was kind of why Shim and I started the band in high school. We were Odd ones and it’s probably my favorite song of ours.

Connect – Healing Now
I love the Chilli Peppers and love Flea and his bass lines. He’s still the guy that made slap commercially cool (besides Les Claypool) and his melodic bass lines are beautiful.
So in tribute to his bass lines I wanted to write something like it. So healing now’s bass like came out.

OCCG: Who is the sickest puppy of the group?
EA: Definitely Mark.

OCCG: What other professions do you think your band mates would be good at if they were not playing music professionally?
EA: Shim would be a great auctioneer and Mark would be a great stylist.

OCCG: Anything you would like your fans to keep in mind when they come to Sick Puppies concert?
EA: We always want people to feel something after a show, we want them to take something away from the show, and we hope they feel better coming out of one then when they came in.
Whatever the shift may be.
And we also want them to come back for more.