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Sick Puppies Rock the House of Blues!

The House of Blues was rocking last night for Australian Rockers Shim and Emma or known as Sick Puppies.

The packed House of Blues was rocking for the a hot line up of Charming Liars, 10 Years and Sick Puppies last night for the first time rocking a Cleveland Stage since Roverfest in 2011. The Australian Puppies rocked an hour and 15 minute set performing hits like “You’re Going Down”, “Maybe”, “War”, “Riptide” and promoting new album “Connect” playing songs “Gunfight”, Pitiful, and title track “Connect”.

During the set Shim told stories like how their friends didn’t think they could ever get where they are today and encouraged him to drop the music and get a job right out of high school, the trio putting the band together when they were 15-years-old in High School in Sydney, Australia.

The band from Knoxville, TN 10 Years rocked the stage getting the fans prepared for Sick Puppies had the place rocking by time “Wasteland” hit the amps with Mosh Pits, Crowd Surfers and an Energetic Lead Vocalist jumping down and rocking up close and personal with the crowd on the Barrier and even crowd surfing during the “Shout it Out”

Opening the stage was British rock group, Charming Liars was actually a Excellent opening group as they rocked the crowd and surprised a lot of the early arrivers giving them a show which honestly shocked me. Never seeing the group I was blown away with their on-stage presence, energy, and honestly amazing songs!

If you have the opportunity to see Sick Puppies, 10 years or Charming Liars I would HIGHLY suggest it, The Connect Tour will be in Cincinnati, 10/20 at Bogart’s and The Intersection in Grand Rapid, MI on 10/18.