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Sick Puppies Playing At The House Of Blues In Cleveland On October 13th!

Written by Alex Daniel
Tuesday, 01 October 2013 22:59

CLEVELAND, OH: On Sunday October 13, 2013, Sick Puppies is ready to rock CLEVELAND! The band was co-founded in 1999 by Shimon Moore and Emma Anzai while still in high school. Soon after they rounded out their line up by adding Orange County, California-bred drummer Mark Goodwin, who they met through a classified ad following their move to LA in 2006 is when the band signed with Paul Stepanek Management. Since then, Sick Puppies has released 3 great albums and several EP’S. Each one delivers what you want to hear over and over again!

Currently, the band is on the road promoting their newest album called “Connect” which came out in July, with a new single coming out in October or November, said Shimon Moore. According to Shimon Moore, “we put in a lot of time to making the album, so now we want to tour and just play it for people. We like being on the road and playing for people. We can tell if we are connecting with the fans on how we want based on the songs we are playing and how we interact with them as a band”.

In the past, Sick Puppies has played an average of 750 shows per year and has shared the stage with Muse, Tool, The Killers, Papa Roach and Deftones. One of the bands that they would like to tour with or share the stage with is Incubus, according to Shimon. “They have been one of my favorite bands for a long time and if we had the opportunity to tour with them, the shows would be well worth to see”.

If you’re going to see Sick Puppies in Cleveland on October 13, you’re in for a great rock show! “If people come to our show, then can expect to see a great rock show with a money back guarantee” said Shimon Moore. Tickets are still available through the House of Blues either online or the box office. Tickets start at $18.00, standing room only and $20.00 day of the show, standing room only!