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Review by Kaitlyn Cooper
Show photos HERE

Sick Puppies have always been avid visitors of Maine. At this particular show at the State Theatre, Shim (Guitar and Vocals) talked on stage about how Maine was their first stop on their first ever tour in the US. He said on stage that night that he “was home.” On stage, they were making fun of their good friend, Rob from WCYY.

They were supported that night by a local favorite and another band that you have probably heard on the radio. The acts where Dead Season and 10 Years. Dead Season are a local favorite from Maine that opened the show with a little metal to wake all the concert goes up and ready for the show. When 10 Years step foot on the stage, they had to restart there set because of the good old technical difficulty. They wanted to make sure they gave the best possible show they could. They definitely succeeded.

Sick Puppies opened with a bang with one of the new songs called, Die to Save You. They also closed with a bang with an older but loved song called, You’re Going Down. You could tell by the energy that Shim, Emma, and Mark were giving off, that it was a show they were looking forward to playing.