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Sick Puppies at The NorVa!
Date: October 10, 2013
Author: NC13MusicNews

On Tuesday, October 8th, NC13 Music News took a field trip. “Where?” you may ask. We drove 277 miles to the upbeat town of Norfolk, Virginia, to see three very talented bands; one from across the pond, one from across the border, and the final from the land down under. The door to The NorVa opened at 7 pm. Filling the club slowly but surely, fans made their way inside in groups of twos and threes and watched as the stage crew began setting up and sound checking for the first band of the evening. DSC_0053

Fifteen minutes before schedule, the house lights dimmed as the first band of the evening took the stage. Charming Liars were here all the way from London, England. This group of highly energetic guys moved around the stage as if they were one entity. Letting his hair down, vocalist Charlie Cosser welcomed fans to the show, and introduced the band for those who didn’t know who they were, all the while showing off his English accent that the fan girls swooned over. The next song on the set list was entitled The Desperation, followed by My Kind of Crazy. With fans in the crowd jumping around and setting smiles on the members of Charming Liar’s faces, Charlie asked the band a question. “How many of you have that crazy ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex husband or wife that you wish you’d never laid eyes on”. Everyone in the crowd raised their hands as Charlie encouraged fans to sing “Finger’s Crossed,” a tale about how a girl had promised all the happy endings but had her fingers crossed with each promise. Before thanking the fans for coming out once again, Charming Liars finished out their night with New Disorder before throwing drumsticks and guitar picks out into excited fans’ hands. DSC_0046

Shortly after Charming Liars exited the stage, the second band of the evening took their turn in the spotlight. All the way from Ontario, Canada, Redlight King opened their ten song set with Comeback, followed by City Life. Throwing some props toward the other bands who were playing that night, vocalist Mark Kasprzyk, also known as Kazzer, grinned from ear to ear when a female audience member shouted out above the crowd that she “loved his bald head”. After the song Born to Rise was performed everyone minus their drummer, who went into a crazed drumming solo, went backstage to take a quick breather and to regroup before returning to the stage to perform their final song, Bullet. DSC_0275

Finally, the headlining band of the evening hit the stage charismatically, in a frenzy of bright strobe lights. Sick Puppies, from Sydney, Australia, opened up with Die to Save You, off of their new album “Connect, ” followed by Survive. Bassist Emma Anzai didn’t hold back an ounce of energy as she bounced around the stage, hair and kick ass bass riffs flying from every direction. The third song of their thirteen song set was from their second debut album, “Dressed Up As Life”. Fans excitedly sang and screamed the lyrics to Cancer back toward the stage. With the completion of Cancer, vocalist Shim Moore took a second to welcome the crowd to the show and to promise them that even though the crowd was on the smaller side, they were still going to have a night full of amazing music. Two songs after Shim’s introduction, Emma took the mic to introduce the next song on the set list by saying “At sometime in everyone’s life they feel like an outcast, this song goes to show that you’re not the only Odd One.” Then she began to play the calming riff to Odd One off of their third studio album, Tri Polar. Not long afterwards, Shim once again got the crowd’s attention and gave them a little background on how he met Emma when they were fifteen, how they began to write music together, and how at eighteen their families were encouraging them to look for more reasonable career choices, before they packed up what gear they had and moved to the states. “The point of telling you all of this is to show you that if you love something enough, and stick with it, that what you want it to turn out to be will happen.” Shim stated before playing the intro to their 2009 hit “Maybe”. DSC_0631

Song after song, Sick Puppies tore up the stage and rocked the house. During the next to last song on the set list, Shim played a little game of “red light green light” with the fans, getting them to scream while his hands were in the air, and to quiet down when his hands were back at his sides. All too soon the band finished up their night with their angry and powerful song “You’re Going Down,” before thanking everyone for coming out and heading toward the merch booth for a meet and greet with the fans.