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Sick Puppies 'Connect' with Providence, RI

August 11, 2013
By: Nicole McKay

Australian trio Sick Puppies are finally back on the road in support of their third album Connect. They brought their tour with 10 Years to Providence, RI this weekend to rock out to a packed house.

They kicked off their set with the first track off of connect "Die to Save You." High energy guitar had everyone moving immediately. The combination of vocals from bassist Emma Anzai and frontman Shim Moore played off of one another on the track and got the night started on a high note.

They went back to Tri Polar to play "Survive" next, with fast drum beats and a bass line that had everyone dancing. Anzai entered her own world and her unique playing style resembled Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers. The awesome bass lines continued on "Cancer" along with politically charged lyrics like "trade in your opinion for a gallon of gasoline."

Nonstop hits rolled out one after another with "There's No Going Back," "Odd One," and "World," during which the audience drowned out the band on the chorus yelling "kicking" and "screaming."

The band showed their diversity by bringing out an acoustic guitar for title track "Connect." Moore effortlessly played the intricate guitar parts without missing a word, and the band jammed out on the solo.

Things picked up again for "War" and "Gunfight." Mosh pits broke out to join the band on the high energy tracks. To close out the pre-encore part of their set Sick Puppies treated fans to one of their older songs, "Nothing Really Matters." Moore had everyone put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them to be a part of "the biggest Sick Puppies bounce-off" when the music hit. The floor shook as each and every person jumped along with the band to the heavy track.

Nonstop chants for one more song brought the band back on stage a few minutes later to play past their allotted set time and give us not one, but three more songs. They mixed things up by playing one from each album. "All The Same" was like a campfire singalong; not a single person kept quiet on the fan favourite. "Walking Away" may be new, but by the sounds of it, almost everyone owned the new album. The night came to an end with "You're Going Down." An eerie bass line opened the track before the chorus hit and the pit blew up to get out the last of their energy for one last song.

I was blown away by the three piece, with Moore having no problem amping up the crowd while playing lead guitar and singing, Drummer Mark Goodwin added backing vocals as well as Anzai, and with the combination of three talented musicians, it felt as though I was listening to a five-piece band.

After their set Sick Puppies joined fans at their merch booth to meet each and every one of their fans. If you haven't had a chance to pick up Connect or see one of their shows on this tour, make sure you check them out. Sick Puppies are back and better than ever.