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Chevelle motored into Portland, OR on June 3, 2016 to kick off the second weekend of the Rose Festival. Brought along for the ride was Sick Puppies and local band Set In Stone.
By Charla Stephenson/Negative Image Photography

Sick Puppies have been around the Alternative Rock scene since 1997. With a major lineup change in 2014, the band pressed on with their last remaining original member Emma Anzai, and their drummer since 2003, Mark Goodwin, heading the charge. After the band parted ways with singer Shimon Moore in 2014,  in 2016 Bryan Scott, formerly of  Dev Electric and Glass Intrepid, took over the vocal duties, and he does it so well. If you were a fan of Sick Puppies in the past, you should be excited about their future. The band is currently touring in support of their May 20th release Fury. While in Portland, Sick Puppies received notification that their album “Fury” had hit number 4 on the Billboard rock charts. The band is getting ready to hit the summer festivals. The next show is in South Bend, IN on June 12th. 
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