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SICK PUPPIES at Cains Ballroom


So there is one thing I have noticed over years of going to concerts. It is VERY hard to find a three piece band that not only sounds good but can also put on a good show as well. The Sick Puppies proved me 100% wrong Monday night at Cains Ballroom. They seriously tore up that stage and sounded SPOT ON for every single song but before I go into details with them I first of all wanted to commend openers Redlight King for a killer opening performance. They have some great songs and are not to be missed! So back to Sick Puppies, did I mention how GREAT they sounded yet?! They opened their set with a new song “Die To Save You”. This track really set the tone for the rest of the night and had the crowd in a frenzy. Their latest release “Connect” is such a great album and has some really good songs on it. You could tell the crowd was very excited to hear the new songs and the band played a bunch of them that night along with all of their hits that we have all come to know and love including the somber “Maybe”, the fight anthem “You’re Going Down” and the emotion heavy “All The Same” which I have to speak on because that was my favorite part of the night. The crowd had their lighters in the air and the band was at their VERY best here. Lead vocalist Shim just killed it on this one and made me want to hear it a second time in a row! There was no shortage of mosh pits either, especially during their hits “Cancer” and “You’re Going Down”. The crowd did not stop moving during either of those songs! You could really tell these guys (and gal) are very down to earth and love their diehard fans! This was a fantastic show and I would recommend them to ANYONE, along with Redlight King! Both bands have brand new albums out right now. Sick Puppies just released “Connect” and Redlight King just released “Irons In The Fire”. GO PICK THEM UP!!!