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Sick Puppies (Australia), Battlefish (Minneapolis, MN) and Pinwheel (Minneapolis, MN)
August 31st, 2013
Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

Ever since I ran across the movie Rock Prophecies on Netflix, I had been looking for Sick Puppies to come to Minnesota. They were discovered by iconic music photographer Robert M Knight, and brought over from Australia to be seen by some people he knew in the music industry because he thought they were something special. Being a band that formed in 1997, they had nine years under their collective belts before they took this big chance. I’m glad the people who saw them here decided to pick em up, otherwise I would have zero faith left in the music industry.

With just crossing the 1 million likes on Facebook this week, they are definitely hitting the right spot with a lot of people. Their high-energy shows, where it is just not possible to sit still with your arms folded. Their tremendously successful “All The Same” video that supported the Free Hugs Campaign that started in Sydney, helped make them a household name as well. This trio is definitely worth your time and attention when they come through town.

The guitar-wielding Shim Moore directed the crowd like a conductor of an orchestra. Every time he needed some feedback or energy from the enthusiastic audience, he received it 10 times over. The original date of the show was back in May, but was delayed due to transit issues, so everything there was months more ready to rock out.

Mark Goodwin held it all together on the drums. I could hear him hammering away during the tight and fun set, but seldom did he appear during the three songs through all of the fog. True, this is indeed a first world photographer problem and had no ill-effect on the show itself, the place was rockin!

Emma Anzai is the raven-haired bass player that seems love her time away from the mic as she was never still when she wasn’t singing into it. She removed the sticks (I know they have a true proper name, but I’m a guy, I have no idea) from her hair within the second song and offered up some metal-worthy hair whips and bass to match. This made for a very fun shoot.

The supporting bands for the evening were from Minneapolis. The band Battlefish were a hard rock band with some Primus-inspired bass slapping.

The second opener; named Pinwheel; had members that came out in various amounts and degrees of face paint. They have an early Tool-esk sound about them, plus or minus a keyboard.

Sick Puppies Set List:

Die To Save You
No Going Back
Odd One
My World


All The Same
You’re Going Down