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Sick Puppies Review

October 24, 2013 in Reviews

By Cheryl Frishman

On Saturday October 19, I attended the Sick Puppies show at the Intersection in Grand Rapids. The band had two opening acts, Charming Liars and 10 Years. The show started with Charming Liars. They are an exciting band from London and the USA! The singer, Charlie Cosser, had the audience moving and dancing with songs like “My Kind of Crazy” and “New Disorder”. This is a band with a great future and I cannot wait to see them headlining their own shows soon!

Second to play was, 10 Years. They recently released a new album called, Minus the Machine. They were clearly playing to an audience of fans excited to see them. Fans sang along to the songs and knew every word. They played a mixture of new and old songs and had a very nice set for the audience.

Last up was Sick Puppies. I have seen Sick Puppies a few times before, but I was very excited to see them as the headliner. As most music lovers know, there is a big difference between hearing four or five well known songs and a full set of a band’s music.The band originates from Australia and headed over to the USA where they would eventually add their drummer Mark after a few line up changes. Shim Moore is on lead vocals and guitar, Emma Anzai plays bass and sings backing vocals and Mark Goodwin on drums complete the threesome.

The band started out playing songs and almost like a fever took the audience higher and higher into an amazing show! As I watched the show, even though I had seen the band live and heard their music on CD, I was amazed at how the show kicked into high gear and they blew the top off of the Intersection!!! They mixed old songs such as fan favorites like “Maybe” and “You’re Going Down” with songs that maybe some of the audience wasn’t as familiar with. They also played songs from their new album, Connect, that was released this year including their hit single, “There’s No Going Back”. Both Shim and Emma have such a strong stage presence and chemistry that having another fourth member which is common in most bands was neither missed or needed. My personal favorite part of the show was when Shim talked about how they met in Australia and came to America. This created such a connection with the audience. I really appreciated hearing how the band came to be and what it meant for them to be there that night. It really was a wonderful show. Thank you Charming Liars, 10 Years and Sick Puppies!! Can’t wait to see you all again!!