Return to Sick Puppies

by Antonio Marino Jr August 10, 2013 9:53 AM

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. is about as far from Sydney, Australia as you can get but to Aussie rock trio Sick Puppies it’s a familiar stop whenever they hit the road. The band, no strangers to touring, are out supporting their recently released album ‘Connect’ – and connect they did.

For 90-minutes the band delivered their high-energy set at the Chance Theater on Aug. 7 with one fist-pumping rock anthem after another. They played to a packed house that at times shouted along to the choruses louder than the band. The night quickly took on the vibe of a backyard party – just a little sweatier.

Unlike bands that achieve overnight success and have a room full of “fans” that just care about one or two songs throughout the set list, Sick Puppies have built a loyal fanbase that is as passionate about new songs like ‘There’s No Going Back’ and ‘Gunfight’ as they are about their older hits including All the Same’ and ‘You’re Going Down.’

Having an audience completely invested in everything they do isn’t something that goes unnoticed by the band either. Taking a moment before playing ‘Maybe’ from their 2009 disc ‘Tri-Polar,’ frontman Shimon Moore reminisced about their early days. He talked about how he started the band with bassist Emma Anzai when they were still in high school and how they knew they would eventually have to move to Los Angeles if they wanted to realize their dream of being in a successful rock band.

That inevitable move to California was a gamble that paid off for the rockers. Sounding humble and gracious Moore declared to the crowd, “You guys are the realization of that dream.”

Sick Puppies’ tour in support of ‘Connect’ continues through October. Check out all the remaining tour dates and venues here.