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Sick Puppies Unveil New Album Details, Share Admiration for Halestorm + More

by Chad Childers

May 16, 2013 2:44 PM

Sick Puppies are making their return this year with the new album ‘Connect’ and things will start picking up for the band very soon. Loudwire caught up with singer-guitarist Shim Moore, bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin on the Revolver Golden Gods black carpet and got an update on the forthcoming disc and the rollout plan for the effort. Check out our interview with Sick Puppies below:

So, you’ve got a new album coming out …

Shim Moore: Yeah, the new album is completed. It got mastered about two weeks ago. The album is called ‘Connect’ and it comes out the 16th of July and the first single that we just finished the video for is called ‘There Is No Going Back.’ And that song comes out on 5/20 and that’s also when the album is available for pre-sale if you guys want to check it out, as well.

With ‘Tri-Polar,’ there was a conscious effort for more upbeat, harder-rocking tracks. It’s been a few years since that album. Where is the direction taking you now?

Shim Moore: It’s a louder record, but we went for a different sound in terms of the layering of the guitars. So there aren’t as many guitars, but the ones that we do have we’ve turned up a lot more. So if that gives you an idea, it’s a louder record but it’s much more musical. And we listened to our fans on SickPuppies.com, we told them we were making the record and asked them what they thought we should do more of or could do better and we got a lot of honest feedback from that.

And you mentioned the fans, which are a big part of this band’s experience. Emma, I see you on there with updates all the time. Can you talk about what that interaction has meant to you over the years?

Emma Anzai: It’s great because we’ve got Twitter now and you can access via your phone and answer questions pretty quickly. It’s been great to get feedback on the new album because they tell us what they like, what they don’t like and they’ve been very patient. That’s great. And they’re always at the shows giving us that support we need. It’s very nice.

And you did just shoot a video …

Shim Moore: It premieres on VEVO the 3rd of June, that’s the premiere online and there’s going to be sneak peeks behind the scenes videos leading up to it, so stay on the lookout for that.

Anything you can share on the video process?

Mark Goodwin: Well, we shot it on green screen and it’s definitely different than anything we’ve ever done.

Since we’re here at the Golden Gods, what are you most looking forward to seeing?

Shim Moore: Halestorm playing. We came up with those guys and we have a good kinship with them and it’s always good to see them doing well. We like to support each other and see each other do well and it’s good.