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Sick Puppies Connect The Roxy
12/09/13 06:59

Rock Star Music News
September 12, 2013
By Nicole Hanratty

September 11, 2013--Hollywood, CA--Sick Puppies came out swinging with "Die To Save You" at The Roxy in Hollywood last night as an industry laden crowd packed the iconic venue to see Shimon Moore (lead singer/guitarist) "Connect" with fans. The band delivered a stellar performance right from the start invigorating the crowd and pulling out all of the stops with a special effects lighting show.

Bassist Emma Anzai was a star attraction and while her was blowing back she blew the crowd away with her talent. Shim told the story of how he and Emma met so many years ago saying, "The reason that I get to tell you this story…the reason that we get to put a middle finger up to everyone who said we couldn't do it is because you guys paid for the ticket to this very f*cking show. Thank you so much for doing this for us tonight. Thank you for making this happen. We get to share this with you guys every time, this exact moment that we get to share right now is living proof you can do anything you want if you just spend the time. This song is called 'Maybe.'"


Mark Goodwin on drums delivered a solo that had the die hard Sick Puppies fans in attendance clapping along and loving every beat he hit. The band's set also included their recent single "There's No Going Back" and two standout hot hits on the album, title song "Connect" and hard-hitting "Gunfight."

Shim Moore's authentic personality bleeds through Sick Puppie's statement filled rock music and his no nonsense personality can turn a first-time concert goer into an instant Shim Moore fan. From having the crowd grab on to each other's shoulders and engage in a massive jump-along to interacting with fans in a one on one manner, Shim creates a personal experience that feels like a conversation with his soul. Anyone who entered The Roxy not knowing what to expect left feeling exactly the way Sick Puppies wanted them to, connected.