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Sick Puppies shares the stage at Chameleon Club

By KELSEY WETTIG, 18, Freestyle Staff Writer
Last week, two phenomenal bands took to the rather small stage of the Chameleon Club for outstanding performances that kept the crowd in high spirits throughout the show.

Both 10 Years and Sick Puppies share a similar pop/rock genre, but with completely unique sounds. Their songs can oftentimes be heard on local radio station 105.7 the X, however they sound even better live.

The vocalist for Ten Years, Jesse Hasek, made his band's portion of the concert special by completely engaging the audience, reaching the mike out to fans to sing along to familiar lyrics. The energy being bounced around the room was unbelievable.

When the Australian trio ter known as The Sick Puppies, emerged playing "Die to Save You", from the band's latest album, the words were hard to make out over the screaming and applause from the audience.

The show setlist consisted of the band's older releases that are better known to the fans, such as "Maybe," "Riptide" and "My World."

Lead singer and guitarist Shimon Moore's stage presence was both fun and serious as he embraced the loud cheers while also taking the time to remind everyone how grateful the band is for the continuous support and getting them to where it is today. Moore's ability to connect with the audience, not just through melodies but through words of encouragement to follow your dreams and not let anything or anyone slow you down, gave a new appreciation for artist.

After 13 tracks, Sick Puppies left the stage, only to return because of an enthusiastic plea of "Encore!' from the crowd members.

Sick Puppies officially ended with three favorites that the show would not have been complete without — "All the Same," "Walking Away" and "You're Going Down."

The group later came out to the merchandise stand after the lights came back on to sign autographs and personally thank audience members for coming out.

For anyone who missed this fantastic local show, you're in luck. The same bands will perform tonight in Allentown at Maingate Night Club at 7 p.m. for an all-ages show.

If you do not have plans this evening and are looking for something fun to do, you know where to be.