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Sick Puppies offer a great show guaranteed, or your money back
By: STEVE CENTANNI | October 1, 2013

Australia has definitely made some very influential contributions to rock. This continent has brought the world great bands such as AC/DC, Wolfmother and Silverchair. And, Sick Puppies is the Land Down Under’s latest contribution to rock-and-roll.

With a line-up consisting of Shimon Moore (vocals/guitar), Emma Anzai (vocals/bass) and drummer Mark Goodman, this three-piece powerhouse has been traversing the United States and building a legion of dedicated fans, especially on the Gulf Coast. These BayFest veterans’ emit an edgy sound so powerful that they had to leave the confines of the Australian rock scene for Los Angeles, where they are now based. For Moore, this is a natural move for promising bands in their home country.

Courtesy of Sick Puppies
“It’s definitely good (the Australian rock scene), but it’s not as large as you’d expect,” Moore said. “Eventually, you grow to the point that we’re at. That’s why we moved. As far as the club scene, there are a lot of good club bands and good clubs to play and a few festivals around. Usually, if you want to break out, then you have to literally break out and leave.”
“Connect” is Sick Puppies’ latest offering. Upon its initial release, critics gave it mixed reviews. However, the album has proven to be their most successful to date, debuting in the top 20 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. The initial single “There’s No Going Back” made it to the top five of Billboard’s Active Rock chart. For Moore, critics, reviews and charts are not a good representation of an album’s success. He’d rather witness it for himself.

“I actually haven’t read any of those reviews, so I wouldn’t know,” Moore said. “I check shows pretty much. I look at the ticket sales and the merch sales to see if we’re connecting. At the shows, they’re singing all the words and digging it. So, everything seems to be going to plan. If they’re happy, then I’m happy.”

Moore describes this album as an “amalgamation” of all their albums. The band very carefully went through their library and collected what they thought were the best qualities of each one. This was an attempt to evolve their music, while maintaining everything that has brought them notoriety. Moore said the philosophies that shaped “Connect” were both smart and fun. Bassist Emma Anzai’s vocal contributions are definitely one aspect from previous albums that were revisited, and she definitely shines on “Connect.

“We would write the song, and we would get her to sing on parts that sounded like it would work,” Moore said.

Sick Puppies definitely has their share of fans on the Gulf Coast, and Moore says the festival setting is one of the best venues to experience the band. For him, the grand production and large crowds that go along with a festival is one thing he finds appealing about the American music scene. Ultimately, Moore promises those in attendance at BayFest will not be disappointed with their set.

“We’ll give the best performance that we’ve ever done and hopefully the best performance of the day,” Moore said. “They can get a money back guarantee if they’re not happy with us.”

Band: Sick Puppies
Date: Fri., Oct. 4 at 9:15 p.m.
Stage: Coca-Cola Stage