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Sick Puppies
Posted July 18, 2013

Sat, July 20

Some musicians and bands don’t age well when trying to make their “comeback” by returning into the spotlight. They end up performing old hits rather than reinventing their sound and sadly are forgotten again in favor of new music. On the other hand, the Sick Puppies’ once grungy ’90s sound has had a evolutionary growth to reflect a well-rounded rock group. Although this Australian trio originally got together around 1997, it wasn’t until 2006 that the world was universally exposed to these “sick puppies.” Thanks to the explosive first year of YouTube (it’s hard to imagine life without a world of Vine and cat videos at your fingertips, right?) the band’s song “All The Same” was featured in a “Free Hugs Campaign” video. This was only the beginning of viral videos and the solemn rock of the Sick Puppies’ ballad hit it off with fans. After six years on the road, the band has taken a good look at their path of music. Since then has had its demise, the end of the world never came and hey, how did Twitter ever become such an integral part of social media? Now fast approaching is the CD release performance of the Sick Puppies’ third album, Connect, with songs like “Where Did the Time Go” that recognize the past 15 years with fond memories and a sweet new album. Connect both nostalgically remembers it’s past and embraces the future—you can bet that the Sick Puppies’ music has yet to become some old band’s attempt at a comeback.

Performing with Reverend Crow and Sederra at The Glass House, 200 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; 7pm. $15.