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Review: Sick Puppies rock The Paramount in Huntington, New York SPECIAL
By Markos Papadatos Aug 4, 2013

Huntington - On August 3, the acclaimed rock group Sick Puppies headlined at The Paramount in Huntington, New York. Rock bands Lansdowne and I Ignite served as opening acts.

The Australian rock band is signed to Capitol Records and it is comprised of Shim Moore on lead vocals and guitar, Emma Anzai on bass and backing vocals, as well as Mark Goodwin on drums.

Sick Puppies commenced their set with “Die to Save You,” where Shim and Emma soared on vocals.

“How do you feel?” Shim asked the Long Island crowd, and they immediately broke into the upbeat “Survive,” where the stage was graced in blue and green lights and “Cancer.”

“New York! It’s good to be here,” said Mark. “It’s a good night for rock and roll.” The drummer subsequently noted that they have a new album out called “Connect” and that they would be signing copies of it after the show and meeting their fans.
It was followed by “There’s No Going Back,” their lead-off single from their latest studio album, where they had the crowd singing the lyrics “whoa oh oh oh” back to them.

“Hey. How’s everyone doing tonight?” asked Emma. “We’ve never been here before, but this a really cool venue,” she added.
Emma shared that their song “Odd One” deals with the feeling of being an outcast. Their moving performance of the tune exposed the rawness of the lyrics. It is so rich in meaning and highly optimistic and anybody can relate to it.

“Are you having a good time?” Shim asked. “If you are, let me hear you say ‘yeah,’” he added prior to performing “Riptide,” which is one of their most successful singles, peaking at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Charts.

“Are you still with me?” Shim asked re-assuring that his fans are enjoying themselves. “You guys are too loud. We can’t hear ourselves,” he added complimenting them for their energy.

After switching electric guitars, Shim took the time to thank them for their support. “Thank you so much for taking your hard-earned money and spending it on a rock and roll concert,” the front-man said graciously.

Sick Puppies noted that they are from Sydney, Australia, a place that is quite far from the rest of the world, however, they were able to accomplish their musical dreams.

They delivered a superb rendition of the crowd-favorite “Maybe,” as the stage was alternating between red and pink lights.

Following the warm reception of “Maybe,” Shim remarked, “Thank you my friends,” thus making them feel at home.

They continued with “My World,” which showcased their versatility as rock artists.

Shim sang the title cut of their new album “Connect,” as he accompanied himself on acoustic guitar and they had the audience clapping along to it.
Initially, Shim was unsure as to whether or not the audience was going to like the title track, but not only did they love it, they were reciting every line back to him verbatim. “Thank you so much for memorizing that song. I love you,” Shim said with excitement.
“War” had a metal vibe to it and they premiered a brand new song from their latest CD called “Gunfight.” “Let me see your arms in the sky and say ‘yeah,’” Shim said.

“We only have a few songs left,” the lead singer said. “I need more volume up here. You guys are ripping my head off.”

The group went on to sing an oldie but goodie song, “Pitiful,” from their “Dressed Up As Life” album.

Prior to singing their final song, Shim laid his back on the floor of The Paramount stage and played some killer guitar riffs.
Shim requested to have the houselights up to see their fans. “This is your last chance to take it to the next level. Are you ready?” he asked and belted out “Nothing Really Matters”; moreover, Shim joined Mark on drums for an impressive drum solo.

For their encore, Sick Puppies returned and sang “All The Same,” which happens to be one of my personal favorite songs of theirs and they encouraged their fans to get their cell phones up in the air, meanwhile others were flickering their lighters.

“Did you guys have fun tonight?” they asked, prior to revealing that this was “one of the best shows in the tour.” “You guys were absolutely amazing,” Shim underscored.

Sick Puppies continued with “Walking Away” and they closed their encore set with “You’re Going Down.”

“Thank you so much,” they concluded.

The Verdict
Overall, Sick Puppies put on a high-energy rock concert at The Paramount. They were able to “connect” well with their New York audience and they truly immersed them into their rock “world.” Not only did the trio interact with the crowd, but they managed get the audience to interact amongst themselves and they made them participant observers.

This trio of musicians displayed a tremendous amount of talent: Shim nailed the vocals the entire evening and rocked the guitars, meanwhile Emma proved to be one of the best female bassists I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live in any genre of music. Her backing vocals were reminiscent to those of Amy Lee from Evanescence and her beauty added to her appeal. Mark Goodwin was incredible on drums as well.

Sick Puppies ensured that the fans had a good time throughout the show, and their gratitude and love for their loyal listeners was evident and reciprocated. Sick Puppies are highly recommended seeing live whenever they are in the area.

For more information on Sick Puppies, check out their official website.