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Interview: Bryan Scott from Sick Puppies talks new album 'Fury' SPECIAL

By Markos Papadatos     May 28, 2016 in Music
Bryan Scott, the new lead singer of the rock group Sick Puppies, chatted with Digital Journal about their new album "Fury."
On his recent concert at Gramercy Theatre in New York, Scott said, "Gramercy was awesome. New York was pretty out of control. We had a lot of people out there. I actually had family in the audience. My sister lives in New York, and she was at the show. It was a really cool venue and we had a blast."
He revealed that he is stoked to be the new lead singer of Sick Puppies.
Regarding the song selection of their new CD Fury, he said, "When we started writing this whole album, it was trying to find a sound that we all unanimously knew was where we wanted to go. When we heard our new single, 'Stick to Your Guns' something clicked, and the rest of the album fell into place. The songs really depended on what we wanted to write that day, or whoever was jamming on a certain riff, and we want it to keep it different, which added dynamics to the album."
His plans for the future are to continue to get out there. "We have been doing a lot of festivals, and we just put out a music video for our new single and we are pushing the new album right now. It's really about touring and getting out there and showing everybody what we are all about. We are going to be keeping busy," Scott said.
To learn more about Sick Puppies and their new CD, check out their official website.