Return to Sick Puppies

MAY 17, 2016


Posted By Megan Dovico

Resurfacing once again with the HardDrive Live Tour in 2016, Australian based Rock band Sick Puppies are back to the joy of their excited fanbase. Initially forming in 1997 by Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Shimon Moore and Bassist/Vocalist Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies has traveled a long road. Debuting in 2001 with the album Welcome to the Real World, the band would soon relocate to North America and attain success with 2007′s Dressed Up as Life. Priding themselves on defying naysayers, Sick Puppies beat the odds to rising, bigger Rock fame with 2009′s Tri-Polar as they began drawing more and more fans into venues to see them play. Then, sadly, within a year of their release of their highly charted 2013 Connect album, Moore and the band parted ways, leaving Sick Puppies future uncertain. Staying true to their name, they once again proved critics wrong, rising from the grave in 2015 with a new vocalist, Bryan Scott (formerly of Glass Intrepid and Dev Electric), new outlook, and promises of a new album.

With their new album entitled Fury, due out May 20th, Sick Puppies headline this spring’s HardDrive Live tour while their eager followers welcome them back with open arms. Kicking off their tour in San Antonio, Texas on April 21st, the tour runs through May 18th. Joined by The Things They Carried, Hudson, Stitched Up Heart, and Red Sun Rising, the exciting tour of Rock bands made it to New York City on Monday, May 9th, to cause much excitement within the walls of downtown venue Gramercy Theatre. With a buzz in the air, the room filled up rather quickly as it was appropriately red-tinted and dark, with a smoky atmosphere to set the mood of the show. Interestingly enough, the supporting cast of bands seemed eclectic in the Rock genre, much like the Sick Puppies themselves. Thus, there was plenty of interesting music ahead for those who made the trip out to see the show.

Powerful guitar riffs cut through the air as the dark stage came to life, revealing the first opener, The Things They Carried (sometimes known as acronym 3TC). The band is a New York City local, born in 2009, which prides itself on experimental sound and a very intricate love of music. After many changes, the band has found long lasting members in Rhythm Guitarist and Vocalist Steve Schwartz, Lead Guitarist Ronnie Minuche, Drummer Jesse Burton, and Bassist Eric Fornelius. With a “Good evening,” The Things They Carried  jumped right into their first song, welcomed by audience applause. Immediately, the band exposed listeners to raw, guttural instrumentation and screaming vocals. They went ont to say, “Thank you for being here with us, who’s ready for Hudson, Stitched-up Hearts, Red Sun Rising, and Sick Puppies?” which was answered by instantaneous applause and screaming from the approving crowd.

Moving on, The Things They Carried  mixed up their set list with songs that venture toward Hardcore Emo and yet can also slide into a Funk sort of sound with smoother vocals on songs like “Something Humans Crave.” Their style employs eerie falsetto notes, gratifyingly melancholic guitar, and emotionally charged vocals with introspective lyrics. With that said, The Things They Carried took the stage in a wild sort of way, constant motion that was mesmerizing. By the time they finish with “364 Day Anniversary,” the crowd had grown more in size, mingling and energized. Concluding their set, they invited the audience to come meet them afterwards and proved they are a band on the rise.