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Sick Puppies Interview
Posted on August 20, 2013

1) The three of you are just coming off your fourth studio album Connect. As three kids from Australia, did you ever think you would be able to make it big in the US and around the world as a rock trio?
Shim – Yes. That’s why we made the trip over to the USA.

2) What was the moment when you realized that all your hard work had finally paid off and you guys were finally making a name for yourselves?
Shim - Hasn’t happened yet.

3) The cover for this album, along with the music video for “There’s No Going Back” feature a desert theme with endless hills of sand. Where did you come up with the concept and what does it mean to you?
Shim - The idea originated with the video concept that we banged out with the director P.R Brown. As for the meaning I guess that’s up to whoever is watching it at that moment.

4) Connect is unlike any other album you have made previously in style. What helped make the decision to take this different turn in your music?
Shim - We have always been a very diverse band. We had been waiting a long time to be able to make some of the musical shifts that we have on this record.

5) It sounds like Emma is finally coming out of her shell and giving fans what they have been craving by singing more often on Connect. Emma, what swayed you to open up your voice to other people?
Emma - We’ve experimented with writing and recording songs that have both Shim and I singing from the first album Dressed Up As Life, and I suppose as time went one and as we toured and recorded more, we took that experimentation further! People would always ask us if we’d do more of those songs and whenever it came time to do the next album, there would be more room to experiment. So with Connect, we explored all avenues and it was nice to be able to have different dimensions to our band. It’s fun and very rewarding.

6) Shim, the vocal effects on this album almost make you sound like someone completely different. Why go in this direction for some of the tracks?
Shim - I sound like me enough. If it works for a new song, I am happy to play with the sound.

7) What was the main influence for writing this album and how do you think that shaped the end result?
Shim - The fans became the main influence. We asked them what they wanted more of and how far we could stretch it musically.

8) Being out on tour and traveling around the world so often, what do you miss about being down under?
Shim - My family most of all.

9) If you were doing anything else besides rocking out in Sick Puppies, what would it be and why?
Shim - I would be directing movies. I was dabbling with that before the band moved over to the states.

10) Tell our readers something about yourself that not many people know.
Shim – I hate Fosters.

11) Which is your favorite song on Connect and why?
Shim - I had been throwing around the acoustic riff in “Connect” for a long time. It’s one of my oldest riffs. Since I was 15. I am glad it finally made it into my favorite song on the record.

12) “Gunfight” is a very interesting song lyrically. Did you mean it to come off satirically or is there another hidden meaning to the song?
Shim - The song is a satire. It’s surprising how many people take it seriously.