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Sick Puppies – 9/30/13 – Concert Review
Posted on October 12, 2013

I don’t know what it is about this band, but every single time I see Sick Puppies, Shim, Emma, and Mark get better and better.

Small venues always offer a different aspect to each live performance, no matter who the band is, and Freebird Live is no different. The venue offers a rare view of each performance in that there is an upstairs balcony that wraps around the whole stage and lets fans peer down at the performers, see the back of the stage, and watch the general admission floor area at the same time. Then there’s the chance to be right in the face of your favorite musicians. While the stage at Freebird Live is small and cramped, it definitely creates a very personal feel for the fan in that it’s only a few feet off the ground and the majority of shows have no rail area, so you can literally be flush up against the stage when it gets crazy.

The lineup for this show was in no short supply of rock and crowd involvement. Charming Liars, a five-piece from London, England was up first to get the fans warmed up. After overcoming some minor technical difficulties that delayed their start time, lead singer Charlie Cosser and the boys from Charming Liars were very impressive onstage. Their upbeat tempo songs like “My Kinda Crazy” and radiating energy got the crowd involved right from the first drum beat until the last strum of the guitar. They finished off their set with their current single “New Disorder” off their EP of the same name and undeniably left the crowd wanting more.

Nestled in the middle of a face melting sandwich was Ontario based Redlight King. This fearsome foursome fronted by Mark “Kaz” Kasprzyk fell a little short of the melting mark for the first few songs of their set. Though there were a few more well-known songs in their repertoire such as “Comeback” and “Bullet In My Hand,” and Kaz’ vocals were not far off from their album sound – which showcased his talent as a musician, Redlight King failed to get the same energy expenditure as Charming Liars from the fans.

When the band everyone came to see, Sick Puppies, took the stage, the fans went wild, and rightfully so. Shim, Mark, and Emma always manage to bring down the house, despite only having three band members. These Aussies have perfected their act into the rocking trifecta that brings screams to fans mouths and sweat to their brows. In support of their new album, Connect, The Puppies opened up with “Die To Save You,” one of my personal favorites from their latest release. With a packed, fifteen total song set including the final two encores, Shim and company showed no signs of letting up or rocking out any less. Mark didn’t stop pounding on the skins as his mohawk flew from side to side, Shim shredded away while belting out the songs, and Emma relentlessly jumped all over the stage while slapping and plucking away on the bass. Sick Puppies kept with a good mixture of older songs like “Survive,” “Cancer,” “My World,” and a crowd favorite, as well as Emma’s favorite, “Odd One.” However, this tour was in support of their new album, so of course newbies like “There’s No Going Back,” “Connect,” and the satirical “Gunfight” were all played and played very well.

Overall, the three bands played well to a very hyped and receiving crowd at Freebird Live on the night of September 30, 2013. The fans that came out to a rock show on a Monday night definitely got what they expected and maybe even a little more. It just goes to show that there is never a time that you can’t rock out to great live music and face melting energy.