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Show Review: SICK PUPPIES 2013-08-10 Lancaster, PA
Posted by Marcy J Royce on August 17, 2013
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The Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
August 10, 2013
Review by Marcy J Royce

This show was a long time coming for me. A few years ago I was all set to photograph and review the SICK PUPPIES at a venue in Baltimore, MD. However, they had to postpone their show and I couldn’t make the rescheduled date. So you see, this show was way overdue for me. Tri-Polar was the release I wanted to cover before, this time I got to cover Connect which was just release July 16, 2013.


Since this was my first time seeing the SICK PUPPIES in concert, I was extra excited. I’ve always admired Emma and her superb attack on the bass. She makes that instrument sing and succumb to her. Her bass is definitely an extension of her being, I was just amazed to witness in person what I had only seen in videos prior. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself due to my enthusiasm. Let’s back up a bit. The vibe of this crowd was uncharacteristically calm when I entered the press pit. Boy was I fooled once the intro was set into motion. All of a sudden it became a polar opposite, they went nuts. The fans began working themselves into a fever that translated into high energy exchange once the band hit the stage. These are the times when I love to be in the press pit. Feeling that energy pass over me makes me so charged that I can’t help but get caught up in it. It’s very exhilarating.

The SICK PUPPIES are veterans of the stage since Emma and Shimon have been creating music together since 1997. They’ve had many years of experience to support their stand amongst their peers within their genre. Adding Mark to the mix a few years later proved to be the final piece that was needed to bring the band to a full compliment. Building on their deep rooted past, this trio has come to be known as a powerhouse, garnishing respect & praise from their counterparts. Something every band covets. And this band is very deserving of that admiration.

The set kicked off with Die To Save You, the first track off their new release. Very fitting to kick off this night. This song is just shy of four minutes, however each second has you in the paw of the Puppies. Shimon and Emma killed it on the vocals. WOW! This song is killer live! As the set progressed, the songs were a nice blend mostly of the Tri Polar album (2009) and the Dressed Up As Life Album (2007). Out of the 16 songs, 5 of them were from the new album Connect. The band mixed all of the fan faves in very nicely and much to the crowds delight. My time in the pit always goes so fast, trying to capture the essence of each member. I made my way to the wall in front of stage right. I wanted to take in the show with a different view. Song after song, the band delivered a solid, core engaging set. Shimon worked the crowd extremely well, especially at the beginning of Riptide. Each and every song they were dead on in their delivery lyrically and musically. Keeping with their successful formula that has been nurtured over the years of touring and honing themselves into what they are today as a touring band.

As the band excited the stage after Nothing Really Matters, the crowd craved more. They began chanting “one more song… one more song…” It wasn’t long before the Puppies came back to the stage. The biggest song of the night was saved for last, You’re Going Down. The crowd went crazy. I could barely hear the band vocals over the crowd as they sang violently along with each word, fists in the air and bouncing up and down. What a truly deserved send off for the SICK PUPPIES.

Then the mass onslaught happened to the merch area. Each person who bought the new cd this night was given a voucher to meet and greet with the band after the show and have their new copy of Connect personally signed. I watched as fans smiled from ear to ear, gaining those few moments with Shimon, Emma and Mark.

Make sure to go see the SICK PUPPIES when they come to your area.