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Bits o' BayFest: nice mice and Sick Puppies
Tamara Ikenberg | By Tamara Ikenberg |

MOBILE, Alabama -- Here's a little story about the congressmen/ They bailed out all of their millionaire friends/ You can blame Bush, or you can try to blame Obama/ But you should've freakin' learned from your daddy or your momma

Modern hard rock met Woodstock as Shim Moore, front man of Australian group Sick Puppies, delivered the political powerhouse "Gunfight" to the crowd gathered round the Coca Cola stage on Friday night at BayFest.

Moore, bassist and backup singer Emma Anzai, and drummer Mark Goodwin brought some real thunder from down under with a passionate, thumping and smart set of songs.

The Sick Puppies' sound ranged from screaming, cacophonous ragers to heartfelt, melodic anthems like "Connect," the title track of their new album.

The band also looked awesome.

On the big screens, Anzai resembled a ripped rock goddess as her lean and muscular arms attacked her long-necked electric bass, and her voice enhanced Moore's visceral vocals with breathy, sexy texture.

In between songs, in his charming Australian accent, Moore told the crowd just how genuinely happy he and the band were to be at BayFest

"We started this little garage punk band when we were 15," he said. "All we wanted to do was play...Thanks for letting us do this with you tonight. We've gotta make sure everybody's having a good time tonight. Every single person."

The band's years of experience showed in their confidence, amazing musicianship and way with the crowd.

"I like his accent a lot," BayFest media team member Jordan Knox said of Moore. "(Sick Puppies) are a lot of fun. They bring a lot of energy."

Did I mention Knox was dressed like a mouse?

She and her media teammate Julie Roden donned cute little mouse ears and sassy tails for a cheese-themed BayFest promotion.

Before BayFest, the event's social media told attendees to be on the lookout or a pair of mice bearing free passes to meet the band Filter on Saturday night. (Filter plays the Coca Cola stage Saturday at 7:45 p.m.)

The first two Fest-goers to tell the mice what their favorite types of cheese are would be the winners.

Knox and Roden said they gave out the passes within minutes of walking around in their mouse-wear.

Cheddar and gouda were the winners' favorite cheeses, the little mice said.

For the rodent record, Roden's top cheese is brie. And Knox is crazy for Colby Jack.