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Sick Puppies Pay "Homage to the Old" with a "New Twist" on "Fury" 

Credit: Goldy LocksSick Puppies will return with a new album, called Fury, this Friday, May 20. As its title suggests, Fury finds the Australian-born band exploring the heavier and more aggressive side of their sound.

"It's an homage to the old with a new twist," bassist Emma Anzai tells ABC Radio of Fury. "A lot of fans have been telling us that they want to hear the more heavier stuff, especially with the last release that we did with [the 2013 album] Connect. They were like, 'Oh, where's the heavy stuff?' So we took that on board.

"Not only that, we love that stuff anyways, so we naturally kinda came out with it," she adds.

A lot of that new twist comes in the form of Bryan Scott, the Sick Puppies' new lead vocalist. Fury is Sick Puppies' first album with Scott at the helm since original frontman Shimon Moore left the band in 2014.

"Obviously I'm not trying to be the old -- have to put my new touch on it -- but at the same time want to give some familiarity, 'cause I'm a fan of the band, as well, before I joined," Scott tells ABC Radio of replacing Moore. "So I want to do something that I know that even myself as a fan would love to hear, and are used to hearing."

Scott and the rest of Sick Puppies really found their groove while recording "Stick to Your Guns," which became the lead single on Fury.

"When we heard it back, we're like, 'That's it! That is the sound we want to go for,'" Scott remembers. "So the rest of the album we just kept up to par or better than [that], that was really the goal."

Fittingly, the lyrics on "Stick to Your Guns" provide a mission statement of sorts, reflecting Sick Puppies' own dedication to the band.

"It's really a song about perseverance," says Scott of "Stick to Your Guns." "When changes happen in your life and there's obstacles, things that keep you away from the thing that you're trying to go for, you're dream or your passion -- in our case, obviously music -- you just gotta stick to your guns and just go for it."

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 6:00AM Music News Group